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Our first mid-quarter deadline of 2024 is TONIGHT. What can we say for you to activate your 2024 membership to Defend the Senate before midnight?


What if we said that Democrats are defending 23 Senate seats this November — including in states Donald Trump won in the last election? With Trump likely to be back on the ballot, our Senate Democrats will need even more help to overcome his attacks.

What if we said that Mitch McConnell’s allies are flooding money into key swing states? They just made a $50 million TV reservation in Montana, with even more sure to come.

What if we said that the GOP’s spending is working? Four recent polls show our Democratic candidates in the margin of error with their extreme Republican opponents.

And what if we ended by saying that your small-dollar donations can help us beat back the GOP’s attacks and Defend the Senate?

It’s true: Grassroots gifts power our work — and now with Donald Trump plotting even more rallies to turn out his MAGA base, your donation ahead of tonight’s deadline can help us reach even more voters and prepare for the attacks coming our Senate Democrats’ way.

We hope we showed how important your donation really is to fuel our work, John: Activate your 2024 Membership to Defend the Senate before tonight’s mid-quarter deadline >>

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