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Subject Full Speed Ahead Captain Boris
Date August 9, 2019 4:56 PM
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August 9^th 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters

Full Speed Ahead Captain Boris

The last 2 weeks have somehow been both frantic and quiet as Westminster has emptied of MPs away on their summer holidays. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his new top team in Government have been hard at work cracking the whip to get Brexit moving again. Government departments have certainly faced a wake-up call by Boris’s new Chief Advisor, Dominic Cummings, the man who led the Vote Leave Brexit campaign. Cummings has already sent shockwaves around Whitehall with a refreshing change of pace, demanding all Government departments prove their level of No Deal readiness. In a shock to no one, the Treasury Department and the Business Department are the ones least prepared, being run by staunch Remainers, Philip Hammond and Greg Clark respectively. Both have been blatantly guilty of diverting funds away from No Deal preparation, instead choosing to focus on attempts to destroy any chance of our Leaving the EU!

If this shake up of the Remain establishment isn’t enough, Cummings perfectly summed up what the Prime Minister and much of the country believe when he was ambushed by the media outside his home this week, saying: “The Prime Minister believes that Politicians don’t get to choose which votes they respect. That’s the critical issue." This followed on from Cummings telling Remain MPs last week: “They have missed their chance to stop a No Deal Brexit.” Finally, some pro-Brexit fighting talk coming from Number 10!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the new PM, as his working majority in the House of Commons has been cut to just 1, after the Conservatives lost the by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire. The Brexit-voting area now has a Lib Dem MP after 3 Remain parties (the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru) made an electoral pact not to stand against each other. While the Tories came in 2^nd place, Labour - with their ambiguous Brexit policy - slumped to 4^th place behind the Brexit Party. This Remain ‘coalition’, has led to calls for the Brexit Party and the Conservatives to come to a similar arrangement in the future. However, it appears neither side is interested at the moment.

It’s clear the seat would have been winnable, if Boris Johnson hadn’t been hamstrung by the failings of Theresa May’s disgraceful 3 years as Leader of the Conservative Party, and the prior mismanagement by Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ). The most obvious failing for the Conservatives in this by-election was the reselection of Chris Davies to run in the seat, despite him being found guilty of expenses fraud, which was the trigger of this whole event. It seems Mrs May was hell bent on trying to make Boris’s job as difficult as possible – even before she left Downing Street.

It has come as quite a shock to learn the EU have only just woken up to the potential reality of No Deal. When May was in power, she reportedly never even mentioned No Deal as an option to the EU! Now No Deal is no longer a term spoken in hushed tones. It is front and centre on the negotiating table and Boris Johnson is perfectly clear what his priority for negotiations is. If the Backstop remains in the Withdrawal Agreement, then there will be no further negotiations on Brexit and No Deal will be pursued. The EU kept on complaining the UK was not being clear about what it wants. Now the demands are crystal clear and have real backing, so finally it’s time to see what the EU is made of. Time will tell…

Brexiteers must stay vigilant. The Backstop is odious in nature. Both sides have said they have no intention of putting up a Border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but the arguments with the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, alongside the EU, continue. However, it’s not the only problem with the Withdrawal Agreement. Boris must not return with a New Deal which is simply May’s Deal in disguise, without the Backstop. Around 60 Conservative MPs led by Mark Francois, have vowed they will not vote for such an outcome, insisting No Deal would remain the best option. This is something Get Britain Out wholeheartedly agrees with.

While the EU goes into panic mode, the Remain-mad MPs in Westminster have likewise gone into overdrive with their theories of how to stop Brexit in its entirety. Some of these are so fanciful, only people who are obsessed with staying in the EU could be deluded enough to believe they are possible. There have been rumours of a ‘Government of National Unity’, led by someone like Heidi Allen, with backing from every political party in Westminster. This week John McDonnell even suggested he would put the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn in a taxi to Buckingham Palace to tell Her Majesty The Queen, Labour are taking over Government should Boris Johnson not Leave the Office of Prime Minister immediately after losing a hypothetical vote of No Confidence. Arch plotter and Remainiac, Dominic Grieve has even suggested he would try to involve The Queen - circumventing decades of convention - to ask Her Majesty to remove Boris Johnson from Office. All this is utterly ridiculous!

With only 83 Days left until October 31^st, the pressure is now on for the EU to shift their red lines on opening the Withdrawal Agreement - or better put it in the shredder! After all, it was concocted mainly by the EU and Theresa May’s negotiating team, led by the staunch Remainiac-in-Chief, the Civil Servant Ollie Robbins. Thank goodness he has been consigned to the dustbin, and is out of politics at last! We know what we don’t want, and it should not take too long to negotiate a New Deal. All it takes is a willingness to get on with talking realistically.

While Remainers in Parliament try to come up with new schemes in a desperate attempt to undermine the will of the Great British Public, Boris Johnson must keep a clear conscience and an unnerving temperament to fulfil the votes of over 17.4 million people. The Labour Party continues to languish in the polls, bowing to the demands of the SNP. They continually fail to listen to, or respect the almost 5 million Labour voters who backed Brexit or the 2/3rds of Labour Constituencies which voted to Leave. They are demanding a General Election, but the consequence of this could be a guaranteed ticket towards a hard Brexit, and Brexit Party MPs in the House of Commons. What we can be sure of is this country’s Leadership is at last taking Brexit seriously, making the Remainer meltdowns that much sweeter.

* Get Britain Out’s Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie writing for Brexit Central argues “Remember the ever-changing nature of the EU in which the anti-Brexit crowd would have us Remain” ([link removed])

AND HERE IS AN EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE written for GET BRITAIN OUT by an established leader in the financial and wealth management industries, FARNOUSH FARSIAR:
* [link removed]


* “NIGEL'S ARMY An ex-football club chairman, a snooker player and a barrister: meet the Brexit Party candidates who want to be your next MP” – A brief overview of the first 50 Brexit party candidates announced for any upcoming General Election. – The Sun ([link removed])
* “Remainers are not only undemocratic they are a threat to democracy” – Frederick Forsyth points out the blatant hypocrisy of Remainers and their disdain for the people who defied the establishment. – The Daily Express ([link removed])
* “Did the Tories throw the Brecon by-election?” – A brief overview of the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and the failings of the Conservative Party top brass. – Conservative Woman ([link removed])
* “Boris Johnson will make EU chiefs bite dust by driving Brexit over the Halloween deadline” – Trevor Kavanagh argues that Boris should embrace a November General Election pushing Brexit through by October 31^st then enjoying the electoral spoils. – The Sun ([link removed])
* “Brexit masterplan: Radical new trade scheme worth BILLIONS unveiled” – Boris Johnson last week introduced his plan for 10 Free Ports to be rolled out across the country in an effort to boost trade and investment in some key coastal areas mirroring the success of London’s Docklands scheme. – The Daily Express ([link removed])
* “Nigel Farage vows to ‘annihilate’ Boris Johnson’s Tories if he pushes through fake Brexit based on May’s hated deal” – Much like some of Boris Johnson’s Conservative colleagues Nigel Farage points out, Boris must bring back real changes to any Withdrawal Agreement or Leave on No Deal, else he will have failed to deliver Brexit. – The Sun ([link removed])

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