From Office - Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst <[email protected]>
Subject March Parkhurst Pulse
Date March 24, 2020 10:00 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
John --

Welcome to the March Parkhurst Pulse!

St. Patrick hopes you stayed home this year.

Spring Session is canceled through the end of the month, but bill deadlines extended to April 4. 

Please contact my District Office with any questions or concerns regarding state issues. We’re here to help!

Very truly yours,

Lindsay Parkhurst

79th District State Representative

Fighting For You!


In mid-March, the State of Illinois began issuing orders and guidance to protect residents against a novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Not much is known about the virus other than it spreads by respiratory droplets from person to person within six feet. There is no cure or vaccine to protect us. However,  there are worldwide reports of anecdotal successful treatment with anti-malarial drugs combined with antibiotics. Thank you to American Industry who is working hard to find treatments, vaccines, cures, and manufacturing personal protective equipment, ventilators, and hand sanitizer.   America is truly a great nation. #proudtobeansmerican

I closed my office to the public and asked my staff to work remotely. We are still offering constituent services and can be reached by email at <[link removed]> or by phone at 815-523-7779. 

We ate working hard to keep you updated with the latest information. My website <> is updated daily with the community resources, calls to action, and information for the 79th District. Illinois House Republicans are offering rolling updates and news from the state at 


Dyslexia Legislation

Just because we are at home with our families, doesn't mean there is no work to do. This month, I communicated with opponents and proponents of my dyslexia bill, HB 4406 <[link removed]>, to make our bill better. We all recognize children with dyslexia slip through the cracks and are erroneously labeled behavioral problems or another learning disability. When session returns, I will file the new bill op language so our children will be screened. Sign the petition below to tell the General Assembly you support HB 4406 which screens our children for dyslexia risk factors and empowers teachers to recognize the early signs.

[link removed]

Around the District

Staying safe and staying home is the best thing we can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Promoting HB 4406

I joined Former Blackhawk and 2010 Stanely Cup Champion right here in Bourbonnais on The Valley WVLI 92.7 FM <[link removed][0]=68.ARB2OqjPxLLtvou5zFMuTgx0YiKveWYjhdgVZuzpoSBoxzKq8abf5kBS_Q2tQguryPltTEzQ2VEQV28E43BmCossm2JyvnaDhI3wEnIFuWuFNFc1DEsEH_ITJoSOaZBr_nzfMss22UgpGCPkKUXR83cGvwse-Bo-C9zbby8L4iJJMpn8MLxnyFMHf36xfdasquZ5x63H3jIPrgv7H7gkV1GhPcDefcARdwIrtXo7B2IE9QVgDhaow0pnOAVAr_KIIA1noqcg_WIvxNnMhaZEVLhQaeBaLZVwkKdwn3Xt9-BvJZkfuaFc7GgpnjoT-I0oGU0YQcxdz2duGA5DEYJ8JPexNsjsd9zOBbhYGHXkoBSPmn2tG5P75JDQgvaiIAl7yIzXenHgB3Gp8U1XvV0bb6r09nBr3pOrmRUnNLD4AP8G0ik> and River Country-101.7 FM <[link removed][0]=68.ARB2OqjPxLLtvou5zFMuTgx0YiKveWYjhdgVZuzpoSBoxzKq8abf5kBS_Q2tQguryPltTEzQ2VEQV28E43BmCossm2JyvnaDhI3wEnIFuWuFNFc1DEsEH_ITJoSOaZBr_nzfMss22UgpGCPkKUXR83cGvwse-Bo-C9zbby8L4iJJMpn8MLxnyFMHf36xfdasquZ5x63H3jIPrgv7H7gkV1GhPcDefcARdwIrtXo7B2IE9QVgDhaow0pnOAVAr_KIIA1noqcg_WIvxNnMhaZEVLhQaeBaLZVwkKdwn3Xt9-BvJZkfuaFc7GgpnjoT-I0oGU0YQcxdz2duGA5DEYJ8JPexNsjsd9zOBbhYGHXkoBSPmn2tG5P75JDQgvaiIAl7yIzXenHgB3Gp8U1XvV0bb6r09nBr3pOrmRUnNLD4AP8G0ik> to discuss HB 4406 and the great work of the Brent Sopel Foundation <[link removed][0]=68.ARB2OqjPxLLtvou5zFMuTgx0YiKveWYjhdgVZuzpoSBoxzKq8abf5kBS_Q2tQguryPltTEzQ2VEQV28E43BmCossm2JyvnaDhI3wEnIFuWuFNFc1DEsEH_ITJoSOaZBr_nzfMss22UgpGCPkKUXR83cGvwse-Bo-C9zbby8L4iJJMpn8MLxnyFMHf36xfdasquZ5x63H3jIPrgv7H7gkV1GhPcDefcARdwIrtXo7B2IE9QVgDhaow0pnOAVAr_KIIA1noqcg_WIvxNnMhaZEVLhQaeBaLZVwkKdwn3Xt9-BvJZkfuaFc7GgpnjoT-I0oGU0YQcxdz2duGA5DEYJ8JPexNsjsd9zOBbhYGHXkoBSPmn2tG5P75JDQgvaiIAl7yIzXenHgB3Gp8U1XvV0bb6r09nBr3pOrmRUnNLD4AP8G0ik>! #1in5 <[link removed][0]=68.ARB2OqjPxLLtvou5zFMuTgx0YiKveWYjhdgVZuzpoSBoxzKq8abf5kBS_Q2tQguryPltTEzQ2VEQV28E43BmCossm2JyvnaDhI3wEnIFuWuFNFc1DEsEH_ITJoSOaZBr_nzfMss22UgpGCPkKUXR83cGvwse-Bo-C9zbby8L4iJJMpn8MLxnyFMHf36xfdasquZ5x63H3jIPrgv7H7gkV1GhPcDefcARdwIrtXo7B2IE9QVgDhaow0pnOAVAr_KIIA1noqcg_WIvxNnMhaZEVLhQaeBaLZVwkKdwn3Xt9-BvJZkfuaFc7GgpnjoT-I0oGU0YQcxdz2duGA5DEYJ8JPexNsjsd9zOBbhYGHXkoBSPmn2tG5P75JDQgvaiIAl7yIzXenHgB3Gp8U1XvV0bb6r09nBr3pOrmRUnNLD4AP8G0ik&__tn__=%2ANK-R> have dyslexia and it is important to identify characteristics early so these children receive the resources they need.

Live Update

On March 18, I joined Omayra Giachello from the Illinois Department of Public Health to give a live update of COVID-19. You can watch here <[link removed]>!

Supporting local business

Under the governor's executive orders, restaurants and bars must shut down dine-in services. However, many local small businesses are offering take-out and delivery to keep their employees working. I have highlighted a business who is offering alternative services on my Facebook page <[link removed]>. Check it out! Want to be featured? Send me a message!

Constituent Services

Part of my job as a state representative is to assist you with navigating problems with state agencies. From assisting gun owners with FOID and CCL applications to navigating the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, my office successfully assisted 15 constituents in the month of February. It is my pleasure to serve you!

Job Board

Are you looking for a new job or a change in career? Check out my job board <[link removed]> for job search resources and local listings. If you are an employer, check out the link above to find out how to send job posting requests.


Want something to do while you are at home? Respond to the Census! You may have received mail from the Census Bureau with a code. Head online and respond <[link removed]>. It takes 5 minutes and can mean more funding for our schools, roads, and human services!

I already responded! Please be counted and encourage others to be counted. We lose money locally and statewide for everyone not counted.  

When you're done, you can see how our country, state, county, and village is responding. Check out the Census response rate map <[link removed]> and encourage your neighbor to respond, too!

Mark Your Calendar!

- Citizenship WorkshopCANCELLED - Due to the Stay at Home order, and out of caution, the citizenship workshop is cancelled.

“Like” me on Facebook to keep up to date on future events and drives!!!

Office - Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst
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Steve Andersson
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