We have to keep the party strong and responsive to Canadians. //

Hey —
How are you doing, John?

I’ve been thinking of you and everyone in our NDP family. I hope you’re taking good care, practicing social distancing, and getting the support you need.

Our team is doing their best to stay in (virtual) touch with each other and all Canadians. We’re trying to operate as normally as possible to fight for Canadians and keep our movement strong.

I know Anne reached out a few days ago and told you about the upcoming fundraising deadline on March 31st. It’s a difficult time to talk about things like fundraising, but as you know, our party relies entirely on grassroots donations.

Every staff member, office supply, issue campaign, and online tool are only possible because of the investments you make.

If you are able to chip in $3 or a bit more before March 31st, we will put it to work keeping the party strong and responsive to Canadians:


You might not be able to give right now, and that’s alright. We just appreciate you being here and staying in touch.

Thanks a lot for everything you do.


Mathieu Vick

Canada’s NDP


New Democratic Party of Canada

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