From Maxime Bernier <[email protected]>
Subject Disease X
Date January 20, 2024 5:01 PM
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For the last week the world’s globalist elites have been meeting in Davos at the annual conference of the World Economic Forum.

This year, one of the main topics was Disease X, a hypothetical illness with the potential to be 20 times more deadly than covid.

Look, I do not deny that in our modern, globalized world — where international trade and travel are the standard — there is an increased risk of illnesses quickly spreading around the world.

What I disagree with is using the covid response as a template for future pandemics — whether they start naturally or are developed in a lab.

People are quick to forget that covid was not the first global pandemic. Just in recent memory there was the SARS and Swine Flu.

We did not shut down our economy and society to deal with these illnesses. The government didn’t impose lockdowns, curfews, and vaccine passports.

Quite the opposite actually. Like with any illness, people were encouraged to wash their hands, and be careful about sneezing and coughing in public. Vulnerable people were encouraged to get the inoculation once it was ready and tested.

Toronto hosted a massive concert — Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto, also known as SARSStock — with more than 450,000 people in attendance. Possibly the biggest “chicken pox party” Canada has ever seen!

I am concerned that the lesson learned by the elites during covid wasn’t “We messed up and shouldn't do that again”, but rather “Wow, the masses are easy to scare and control”!

Their priorities are not the wellbeing of our society, but what is the most effective way to impose totalitarian global governance on the people.

Many of us who have been watching the WEF closely for the last few years are concerned that these discussions about Disease X might foreshadow another global pandemic.

To address these concerns, WHO Director-General — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — had this to say:

“Disease X has been getting a lot of attention but it’s not a new idea. The first time we used the terminology was in 2018.”

Ah yes! Nothing to worry about!

Even if the globalist elites didn’t learn their lesson from covid, I know that we the people did.

We learned that we have to be skeptical and not just accept appeals to authority.

We learned that in times of real crisis, we can’t depend on the corrupt political establishment — the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP — to stand up for us.

We learned that we need to be politically organized to protect even our most basic rights, and that if we do not work together we are too easily taken advantage of.

With the prospect of Disease X on the horizon, it is an important reminder that we can’t just unplug from politics between elections.

We need the PPC to continue to grow and to be ready to push back immediately when the elites try and fearmonger to take away our rights.

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PPC - Gatineau, QC, Canada

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