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Do Not Lose Focus on BREXIT

March 20th 2020
Dear Friends and Supporters

This is a Special Action e-Bulletin, which we are sending out today because we need your help to countersign our letter to the Prime Minister - see below!
While we all understand COVID-19 really needs the attention of the Prime Minister and the Government, this does NOT mean the BREXIT negotiations should be halted entirely - and the Transition Period must NOT be extended past December 31st 2020!  However, over the past week it has been leaked by multiple sources within Whitehall, that the Government is considering exactly this. This would be completely unacceptable and would go against the commitments made by the Conservative Party in the General Election last year. Commitments which made sure the voters put their X in the box so they won a majority!
There is NO reason why negotiations cannot continue in today’s modern world. Face to Face meetings are not required. The EU itself is already moving important committee meetings online - so why can it work for internal negotiations and not those with the UK.
COVID-19 is the focus of the Government at the moment - and rightly so - but the clock is still ticking on BREXIT. This is something the Prime Minister must NOT ignore while he is sorting out this health crisis. Surely the entire Government is not occupied with COVID-19 and those specialists working on Brexit should be left to focus on delivering on the mandate to ‘Get Brexit Done’.
It was alarming when Boris Johnson said in a 5pm press conference earlier this week that Brexit is not being discussed ‘AT ALL’ in Cabinet!!!
I realise we do not want to stop everything the PM is doing in connection with this dreadful health crisis, but we must plan for our global future after this has passed - and we cannot do this by pushing Brexit onto the back burner. A Prime Minister must show Leadership across all the aspects of Government – and Boris has appointed many good Ministers to help with all the aspects of Government - including negotiating a trade deal with the EU, as well as other countries around the world.

All this uncertainty from the Government - and Boris Johnson - is simply unacceptable. This is why we have drafted another letter to the Prime Minister for YOU - our SUPPORTERS - to countersign if you agree with it. This letter outlines to the PM why he MUST NOT FORGET about Brexit and the importance of NOT EXTENDING the Transition Period.
If the EU and the UK are unable to conduct the trade negotiations in person during the COVID-19 crisis – there is NO GOOD REASON the talks cannot be undertaken online, or via video-conferencing – just as the EU Council is already doing with other aspects of EU Government. The technology is there, so there is no reason for any delay in the talks, in an attempt to trying to force the UK into an extension of the Transition Period. This would entail massive additional costs for the UK – and more uncertainty for Britons and business.
If they refuse to reschedule the talks using the brilliant technology available, then the United Kingdom must walk away from the European Union and continue to trade on World Trade Organisation terms until they are ready to do a good deal with us!

You can read and download my full letter to the Prime Minister HERE


Please send this e-mail to all your friends, families, neighbours – especially now they be working from home, as well as all your associates, to ask them to also countersign the letter – as the more names we can add to the list to accompany the letter the better.

Many many thanks to everyone. Finalising the Brexit negotiations is such a vital issue for our futures.
In these trying times to add a note of brevity check out this old clip from ‘Yes Minister’ – it really is incredible how little things have changed all these years later 
That’s all for this special edition action e-Bulletin. We will also be sending out our regular e-Bulletin next Friday so keep your eyes peeled!!
Keep yourselves safe and be careful during this massive health crisis.

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out 

P.S. Please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations to make sure we secure the best Brexit for the United Kingdom in the ongoing trade negotiations with the European Union and the rest of the world. My team are now working from home to keep themselves and colleagues safe – and so am I – but we still need to pay for our office, and all our other office costs as usual.

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P.P.S. IMPORTANT: We know you are already committed to Brexit, but please continue to circulate this e-Bulletin to even more people. There are many who will also want to be more informed. 

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Huge thanks again to everyone. GET BRITAIN OUT will continue to fight for as long as it takes to try and make sure we get the best relationship and free trade deal with our close neighbours in the EU - as well as with countries around the world - for our UNITED KINGDOM’S GLOBAL FUTURE.

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