From Maxime Bernier <[email protected]>
Subject It’s rigged!
Date January 12, 2024 8:35 PM
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What’s the motivation for the Liberal’s mass immigration policy?

In addition to their woke globalist ideology, it’s because “Ridings with most immigrants voted Liberal by a landslide” when Trudeau was elected in 2015, as this 2015 article <[link removed]> noted.

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Trudeau and his Liberal Party know that mass immigration is incredibly unpopular among native born Canadians, they just don’t care!

This isn’t about what is best for our country. No. It’s about making strategic decisions to remain in power.

They believe that while mass immigration is unpopular in the short term, replacing Canadian voters with immigrant voters will be an effective long-term strategy to stay in power.

They believe that new immigrants will be loyal to Trudeau and the Liberals for bringing them here, or that they can be easily won over with more immigration-related promises.

You’d expect our country’s major opposition party — the so-called “Conservatives” — would be against this, right? You’d expect them to ring the alarm bells and expose the Liberals for trying to manipulate our democracy.

Nope! Throughout Poilievre’s leadership he has been aggressively pro-mass immigration.

It seems like instead of offering a credible alternative, Poilievre and the Conservatives have adopted the exact same strategy as the Trudeau Liberals!

Do you know why?

It’s because many of the immigrant ridings that elected Trudeau in 2015 elected CPC MPs in 2011.

Poilievre’s fake Conservatives clearly believe they can benefit electorally if they keep the border open and pander to recent immigrants who want to bring their extended family to Canada.

These two establishment parties are willing to destroy the Canada we know by gambling everything on the possible electoral gains from mass immigration.

I don’t know which of those pandering opportunists will win the contest of who can be more absurdly pro-mass immigration, but I do know who will lose:


The only party ready to end mass immigration is the PPC.

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