Dear John:


As we arrive at election day, it’s difficult to put this experience into perspective, particularly as we go through this unprecedented healthcare crisis that has left us feeling so uncertain. But one thing that Judy and I are not uncertain about is your support.


Whether it was volunteering for the campaign, hosting a coffee, attending a meet and greet where we had the chance to chat, making a donation, or casting your vote. We could not be more grateful for all of the calls, texts, emails and overwhelming amounts of support that you have poured into this campaign, and into our lives.


Today is the deciding day and we certainly hope that you will get to the polls and rally your friends and family to do the same, if you have not done so already. A vote for reasonable, commonsense leadership is so very important, perhaps now more than ever.


So please, make your voice heard and join in our wave of support for the future of working families in IL03.


Thank you once again,

Dan and Judy



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