Dear John:


In an editorial yesterday, the Chicago Tribune newspaper made a strong case for getting out to vote in these trying times, and they also offered very strong words of support for Dan:



Put Lipinski on the ballot in November
“U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski of Western Springs, one of the few conservative, pro-life Democrats on Capitol Hill, has been a good fit for the 3rd Congressional District for a long time. He’s seeking his ninth term, but to get there he needs to defeat three challengers, including progressive Marie Newman — again. Lipinski barely defeated her in the 2018 primary. Lipinski still has his workhorse energy, which benefits all of his constituents. He’s a moderate on most issues with a bipartisan outlook that’s a welcome balance to Washington’s conservative-progressive divide. Newman, who leans far more left, supports massively expensive and unworkable government spending notions such as the Green New Deal. Taxpayers, put Lipinski on the November ballot.”  


Now more than ever, we need leaders like Dan who will fight for our communities with reasoned, commonsense leadership. Please get out and cast your vote, and as the Tribune stated, “be careful, be sensible, be fast.”


God Bless,
Team Lipinski




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