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Subject Medicare For All Yes, Coronavirus No
Date March 12, 2020 4:19 PM
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*The lack of universal health coverage in the United States has slowed and is slowing preparations for addressing coronavirus*, is creating large bills for people who've been tested, and is leading to refusals to test people lacking health coverage.

*No economic theory can change the medical fact that a lack of health care for some threatens the health of all.* We're in this together. Not me, us.

Voters have consistently been telling exit pollsters that they favor *Medicare for All*, even while many voters have been voting for a candidate, Joe Biden, who strongly opposes Medicare for All. Biden has even said he might veto it if enacted by a Democratic Congress.

The primary election is very far from over. Here's roughly where it stands at 10 p.m. ET 3/11 via AP:

For voters, "favoring" progressive and popular policies while voting for a candidate who opposes those policies is a recipe for failure. No matter what your television says, Bernie Sanders has at least as good a chance of defeating Donald Trump as Joe Biden.

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The choice facing us is crystal clear.* "The most progressive social and economic path gives us the best chance to catch up and Senator Bernie Sanders represents the most progressive path," says *Jesse Jackson*. "Democrats cannot win and defeat Donald Trump without inspiring young people to come out and go to the polls in record numbers and there is only one candidate who has the overwhelming support of those under 40 years old and that's Bernie Sanders."

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"I believe Bernie Sanders would have a positive effect on down ticket candidates as a result of his wide-ranging progressive appeal to voters – and he does have the *highest favorable rating* of all the Democratic candidates," says Jackson.

*Jackson is talking about winning and about basic change, and about basic change as the only path toward winning. *"So let us not forget," he says, "what happened with moderate candidates in the White House in 1994 after a Democratic President Clinton won in 1992 and what happened in 2010 after President Obama won in 2008. During Obama's time in office Democrats lost over 1,000 seats in Congress, in Governorships and in state houses and state senates. We are not supposed to be the party of Wall Street and big business. We are supposed to be the party of the poor, of diversity, of working class people and of the middle class."

Jackson provides a comprehensive case for Sanders *here* [ [link removed] ].

Bernie plans to create a *Green New Deal* [ [link removed] ], *Enhanced Medicare For All* [ [link removed] ], and *college without debt* [ [link removed] ].

Biden helped start the war on *Iraq*, boosted *mass incarceration*, backed *NAFTA*, and has tried to cut *Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid*. Biden gave *speeches* [ [link removed] ] on the Senate floor, bragging that he tried to cut Social Security on four separate occasions. Campaigning for president, he *reassured the mega-wealthy that he won't fundamentally change anything* [ [link removed] ].

By contrast, from the *moment* [ [link removed] ] he was sworn in as a congressman, Bernie has worked to block Social Security cuts and expand Social Security benefits."

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--- The Team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Frances Fox Piven, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and many others.

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