From Bob MacGuffie <[email protected]>
Subject While Our Enemies are Circling, the Democrats Applaud
Date November 21, 2023 4:51 PM
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Campaign Update Campaign Update November 21, 2023 Last week business and national leaders and economic ministers with interests in the 21 economies bordering the Pacific Rim met in their annual confab called the APEC Summit. While attendees pursued their usual networking and deal-making, clearly the main events centered around the economic gorilla of the far east – China and its supreme leader, Xi Jinping. Xi met with Joe Biden for a much-publicized half-day meeting. According to his post-meeting press conference, Biden raised China’s human rights abuses, detained Americans, resuming military-to-military communications, climate change, and the illicit fentanyl pipeline. Biden characterized the discussions as “some of the most productive discussions we’ve had.” Xi agreed to reopen military communications, promised to look into the fentanyl producers, and make moves toward implementing climate regulations by 2035 – no kidding. Meanwhile China has recently inked the following energy deals: a liquid natural gas deal with Qatar, an oil deal with Iran, and a gas pipeline with Russia. Each to be paid for in currency other than U.S. dollars. As China continues to open two new coal-fired domestic electrical generating plants per week, it’s obvious what Xi thinks of climate change and carbon-free energy. He’s laughing at our naiveté, and propelling China’s economy forward with the most cost-effective energy sources he can find. Meanwhile, since Biden stayed awake for the four-hour meeting, Democrats were applauding it as a success, and a significant step forward from their self-admitted catastrophe in Anchorage in 2021. But, as every Biden official and corporate media flak who could find a microphone touted the meeting’s success, Xi’s real focus and reason for attending APEC was that evening’s dinner. Wednesday evening, Xi attended the main event, a dinner with 400 leading U.S. corporate, technology and financial moguls. China’s economy is still struggling to emerge from the COVID pandemic it created, so top of Xi’s list of needs is the technology and capital his communist regime needs to remain stably in charge of a country of 1.4 billion people. The hi-tech surveillance state that is China, is an imperative for the CCP, a party of just 90 million. A mere seven percent of the population constantly needs every available resource and advantage to keep the remaining 93 percent subservient to its brutal rule. In his ten years as China’s president, Xi has established himself as the most murderous dictator since the mid-twentieth century triumvirate of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Xi entered the dinner to a standing ovation from America’s corporate elite – yep, let THAT sink in for a minute. It's not like the “China 2049” plan for global hegemony is a secret – it’s been revealed in print for years... if only it would be read (and believed) in the West. It’s common knowledge in the past 50 years, that most of our corporate elite seem to hold minimal, if any allegiance to the U.S., so they were predictably panting over China’s markets, and access to slave and near-slave labor resources. Though most people recognize China is the source of cheap electronics, clothes and other consumer goods, many U.S. workers are realizing the entire arrangement is disadvantaging average Americans. But where are our political leaders and “representatives,” who are supposed to be doing the shrewd calculations about how this impacts us long-term, and protecting the very real interests of America’s middle class – yes, the ones who make this country happen every day? In an article last year, I traced how the Chinese Flipped-the-Script on successive American leaders over the past several decades. To any who doubt who holds the leverage, to name just one critical industry, our pharmaceutical industry is currently beholden to the Chinese for the manufacture of our major medicines including our antibiotics. The list is seemingly endless, from defense parts, to EV batteries, to rare earth elements. These critical resources flow to America at the CCP’s pleasure. Jim Himes, as CT-4’s congressional rep, is supposed to be ‘representing’ OUR interests. But in the case of our critical and highly sensitive relationship with China, Mr. Himes is instead representing those who gave Xi a standing ovation – after all, THEY are his campaign DONORS. In an effort to protect the zillions the business elite have at stake in China, Himes has been popularizing the term “de-risk,” as the ineffective and weak alternative to “de-coupling” our economic relationship with the expanding global hegemon. I called him out on exactly this flawed strategy in my June 27th Campaign Update. Yes Mr. Himes – we must ‘DE-COUPLE,’ and we can start by banning the insidious and subversive Tik-Tok CCP spy-app today! “De-risk” is nothing but a head-fake to enable the continuation of the transfer of middle-class jobs, and economic wealth and security to a self-described enemy of our country – all for the benefit of the political and financial elite. They intend to keep the gravy-train rolling at our expense. And as we can now plainly see, Jim Himes is a key congressional operative in their strategy of our managed-decline. Democrats – there is nothing to applaud about Xi Jinping! Jim Himes is NO Moderate The 2024 election will be a referendum on this man’s failed 15-year rule. Solid citizens can donate to retire this man right here: DONATE It would be deeply appreciated. Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested...or should be. 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