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On November 14, the House of Representatives passed, with my support, a two-step, laddered Continuing Resolution (CR) to prevent a government shutdown on November 17. The two-step CR, although not perfect, is the first step in an uphill climb to restore fiscal responsibility back to Washington and to incentivize the Democrat-led Senate to pass appropriations bills.

For years, Congress has failed to pass individual appropriations bills resulting in the forced passage of bloated Christmas-time omnibus bills, that waste taxpayer dollars and have little to no accountability. 

With Moody's recent downgrade of the US's credit rating outlook, we cannot continue to maintain the status quo and we must work to get our appropriations process back on track.

I supported Speaker Johnon's two-step continuing resolution, which will prevent a massive end-of -year omnibus package, and will allow us to finish passing the remaining appropriations bills.

This week, I joined several news outlets to discuss my position. 

Fox Business:


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Moody's Credit Downgrade

Recently, Moody's downgraded our credit rating from stable to negative because of our out-of-control government spending and deficits. This should be a major wakeup call for our leaders to get our fiscal house in order and to reign in reckless and wasteful spending.

We cannot, in good conscience, continue to write blank checks knowing that our children and grandchildren will be responsible for the largest debt in American history.


District Updates

Veterans Day Celebrations

Last week, I had the privilege to meet with several Veterans to thank them for their service to our great nation. America’s Veterans are the backbone of our nation’s defense and the guardians of our freedom. As a Veteran myself, I fully understand the commitment and sacrifice each serviceman and servicewoman made to protect and defend our great nation. 

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Veterans who put their lives on the line; not for fame or recognition, but to defend our fundamental rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you for your service!


To watch my full Veterans Day video message, click here: 



In The News


On November 14, thousands of people peacefully marched along the National Mall in Washington, DC to show their support for Israel and to publicly condemn the barbaric attack Hamas committed against Israel on October 7.

The March for Israel reassured the world that the United States stands with Israel and supports their right to exist. 

I remain steadfast in my unwavering support for Israel. Israel has the right to defend its homeland from enemies and to protect itself from future terrorist attacks. 

I stand with Israel!


Photo Credit: Jacquel Martin/Associated Press

How We Can Help

If you have ever had any issue with a Federal agency, like the IRS, the VA, Social Security, Medicare, or passports, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. My office teams are ready to assist you. If you are interested in purchasing a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol, for a person or special occasion, please visit my website or call my office at 202-225-5311. Below are links to services my office offers and we hope to hear from you. 



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