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With the Isle of Man on the path to becoming the first part of the British Isles to legalise assisted dying, one thing is resoundingly clear: when all of us come together to put pressure on political leaders to give choice to dying people, we can win. 

This victory has shown us that change is possible, but there is still a lot of work to do before every terminally ill person across the British Isles gets the right to die on their own terms.

The UK can catch up to the Isle of Man and secure victories on the path to an assisted dying law – but only if we all pull together and make our call for compassion and choice impossible to ignore.

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Apart from the amazing progress in the Isle of Man, 2024 will be a massive year for our movement everywhere:

  • There will be a General Election at Westminster, where we’re expecting a huge shakeup with new MPs ready to stand up and support a change in the law;
  • There is strong support in Scotland for an Assisted Dying Bill, which is due to go before MSPs;
  • In Jersey - where 8 out of 10 people support law change - the final proposals for an assisted dying bill will be lodged in spring of next year.

In all these parliaments, we have the opportunity to change more minds and make more breakthroughs next year - but we can’t do this without your help.

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Thanks, Friend. The tide is turning on assisted dying - changing the law is a matter of “when”, not “if”. I hope you feel as proud as I am of the progress we’ve made together. 


Best wishes,


David Pearce

Director of Fundraising and Marketing


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