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Today, we honor every brave man and woman who served our country in uniform. But Veteran's Day also presents an opportunity to recognize that there is much more we should do for those who served. 


That's why I've introduced bipartisan legislation to ensure veterans get the care they earned — and deserve. Last week, I had the opportunity to discuss some of these issues with the Ohio chapter of Rolling Thunder during their visit to our nation's capitol.

This week, I joined both Democrats and Republicans in voting to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for her comments denigrating Israel's right to defend itself in the face of brutal attacks by Hamas.


While censuring a fellow colleague was not an easy decision, it was important for Congress to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to Israel in its hour of need.


Along those lines, last week we passed an emergency military and humanitarian aid package for Israel. This funding will ensure that Israel has the time, space, and resources needed to mount an appropriate defense.

I was also proud this week to introduce bipartisan legislation to expand access to over-the-counter overdose-reversing medications, like Narcan. Ohio, like much of the country, is seeing a rise in opioid overdoses as fentanyl manufactured in China is being smuggled in through our porous southern border. 


While House Republicans are working on solutions to the border crisis, we also have to give our communities all the tools necessary to combat the opioid epidemic. Our legislation ensures Narcan and other overdose medications are affordable and accessible by allowing them to qualify as a deductible medical expense on an individual’s taxes.

We held a hearing within the House Ways and Means Committee this week exposing the negative impact that the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ideology is having on American workers.


ESG activists have pushed investors and pension funds to divest from companies tied to American-produced fossil fuels. This divestment is already hurting countless Americans, especially seniors with pensions who are seeing lower returns. Over the past ten years, the S&P 500 Clean Energy Index returned 4.5% annually, compared to 11.5% annual returns for the S&P 500.


During the hearing, I urged Congress to follow states like Ohio, which has banned publicly-funded retirement plans from integrating ESG into their investment strategies.

I ran for office to deliver real results for the people of central Ohio. Since the start of this year, our team has:

  • Secured more than $3.53 million for constituents from state and federal agencies. 
  • Closed more than 1,109 cases.

Our team provides a wide variety of services to the people of Ohio’s 15th congressional district. If you are having any issues with Social Security, veterans benefits, or the IRS, our office might be able to help. Click HERE to get started.


There are thousands of federal grants available to constituents, everything from agriculture subsidies to small business loans. If you need help with a federal grant or want to apply for a federal click HERE for more information. 


Our team is also looking for interns in both Washington, D.C. and Columbus, Ohio. If interested please apply click HERE to apply. 


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