Hey  — If you’re like me, then you’re proud of the work our campaign is doing to restore accountability to the White House. With Super Tuesday behind us and a long road ahead of us, we need your continued support to keep our ads on the air and our volunteers on the phones.

Can you chip in $100 right now to help us reach voters in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington on March 10th?




Chief of Staff, Weld 2020


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Hey Team — When I entered this race, I knew the odds. Challenging an incumbent President, let alone a narcissist whose ego is holding the Republican Party hostage, isn’t easy. 

For all of the people who wonder why I’m doing it, the answer is simple: because the American people deserve to have a candidate who will fight for accountability and the rule of law.

What did we learn on Tuesday? That a significant number of conservatives throughout the nation are looking for an alternative to this disastrous President. In fact, voters rejected President Trump to the tune of:

  • 12% in Massachusetts
  • 12% in Utah
  • 13% in Vermont

Our job isn’t over. As we continue to grow our movement and draw new, concerned voters into the fold, we’ll continue to push our message of fiscal conservatism, self-reliance, and belief in the American electorate to make the right choice.


I’m thankful for your support, and I hope that you’ll continue to stand with me as we fight to take back the Republican Party.

-- Bill 

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