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Subject It's International Women's Day, John!
Date March 8, 2020 10:34 AM
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It's International Women's Day, John!

To recognise this important day, our female MPs have each tabled a Bill in Parliament to tackle some of the discrimination, prejudice and inequality that women continue to face in the UK and around the world.

<[link removed]>Women and girls continue to pay more than men for basic products

Christine Jardine

On average, women pay £200 more than men do every single year for the same consumer goods and services. This is unacceptable. It's time to end the pink tax.

Find out more  ➜ <[link removed]> <[link removed]>Women are much more likely than men to go to prison for non-violent offences

Daisy Cooper

We should not be punishing women more severely than men for committing the same crime.

It's time for a new approach to sentencing women, centred around more community sentences for non-violent crimes, which will prevent reoffending and help offenders turn their lives around.

Hear from Daisy  ➜ <[link removed]> <[link removed]>No child should miss out on an education because of their period

Layla Moran

Every day, girls at school are being teased, bullied or even punished for being on their period - and children with medical conditions face similar stigma.

Schools should not have a blanket ban on toilet access, as it leads to students missing lessons altogether for fear of their period starting or needing access to the toilet at short notice.

Instead, the government should provide guidance and training - and then let teachers use their common sense in letting their students go the bathroom during lessons.

Read Layla's plan  ➜ <[link removed]> <[link removed]>Around the world, many people do not have access to period products

Wendy Chamberlain

Last year, the former International Development Secretary announced that the UK would work to eradicate period poverty globally by 2030.

It's time to hold the government to account on this commitment to tackle global period poverty.

Get the scoop  ➜ <[link removed]>And there’s more to come!

Next week we have three more Bills being introduced to Parliament:

➜  Munira Wilson is campaigning to give victims of sexual violence or domestic abuse better access to support services,

➜  Sarah Olney is introducing a Bill to have buffer zones around abortion clinics, and

➜  Wera Hobhouse is continuing the fight to make misogyny a hate crime.

Keep an eye out for more about their Bills on Adlib next week.

Check out Adlib  ➜ <[link removed]>

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