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Subject March Green News | Spring Convention March 27 & 28
Date March 7, 2020 2:32 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Dear Friend,

Help the Official Opposition MLAs tackle Period Poverty <[link removed]> by participating in the PEI Women's Institute Taking Care of Women's Business. Period. <[link removed][0]=68.ARCyZJbHPSaX033zYoq_XYHNcyIxITX5mNVVQo3dVnvVJXYh420WEdmWHaG9DXi9DIn4KjV0dH1ENhuAs1C1pBrboEJRJvlUcS1uOMkW7JVcgU-4yU3Mu1nouS14e3Hdx0k-QjtImADHnk-Sgb9CKI9aY4S0YA5_MFC2druFfJZFN032Wc_WwLuda0KMmeRZZjjDEueovLFxq5NK4Ww_UPn95JUi99mjfxJg8_v1p_L1SgCRpnnpCze4uTXtzQTpEDUx21GBdpALHdT-6QgZUgwBPWrHI7Hjq-pyI0pkBZB_Cn8p4g_2fNRPBsbEJU9nff_uPqeG4K5k44chJdhVdwQ&__tn__=%2CdK%2AF-R&eid=ARAUaqr7fWhlc3joDrGnstzuVbOEUSugWRaOQMO9U5G6Nl7brlVGawylB86K4tQZBn8Y4EpPfM32DJcs> campaign. Visit their Facebook page for details or donate at any local Murphy's Pharmacies <[link removed][0]=68.ARCyZJbHPSaX033zYoq_XYHNcyIxITX5mNVVQo3dVnvVJXYh420WEdmWHaG9DXi9DIn4KjV0dH1ENhuAs1C1pBrboEJRJvlUcS1uOMkW7JVcgU-4yU3Mu1nouS14e3Hdx0k-QjtImADHnk-Sgb9CKI9aY4S0YA5_MFC2druFfJZFN032Wc_WwLuda0KMmeRZZjjDEueovLFxq5NK4Ww_UPn95JUi99mjfxJg8_v1p_L1SgCRpnnpCze4uTXtzQTpEDUx21GBdpALHdT-6QgZUgwBPWrHI7Hjq-pyI0pkBZB_Cn8p4g_2fNRPBsbEJU9nff_uPqeG4K5k44chJdhVdwQ&__tn__=%2CdK%2AF-R&eid=ARBAUx6M_u_WjEdvC7UZarM3ev-6c3fMTbbm3YH3XyUBnMm93_224Earbksb-PvzAn8c06iIWbjY7m00> or Pharmasave Souris <[link removed][0]=68.ARCyZJbHPSaX033zYoq_XYHNcyIxITX5mNVVQo3dVnvVJXYh420WEdmWHaG9DXi9DIn4KjV0dH1ENhuAs1C1pBrboEJRJvlUcS1uOMkW7JVcgU-4yU3Mu1nouS14e3Hdx0k-QjtImADHnk-Sgb9CKI9aY4S0YA5_MFC2druFfJZFN032Wc_WwLuda0KMmeRZZjjDEueovLFxq5NK4Ww_UPn95JUi99mjfxJg8_v1p_L1SgCRpnnpCze4uTXtzQTpEDUx21GBdpALHdT-6QgZUgwBPWrHI7Hjq-pyI0pkBZB_Cn8p4g_2fNRPBsbEJU9nff_uPqeG4K5k44chJdhVdwQ&__tn__=%2CdK%2AF-R&eid=ARDUXhT8zHeyf_uUFIlmikZtoYu6Ouf0fkNqKmLOqnyvKP1xu5JvhPEZ3uNTCtIsP0arw6Vr7fmWoS6i>.It's March - and I'm remembering how at this time last year I and many others were working feverishly to prepare for an election we knew was just on the horizon. The 26th of this month will mark the anniversary of the day the inevitable call came, and we embarked on the most intense four weeks of our lives which results, today, in getting to see our eight MLAs together making a difference, like in the photo at right. Read on to see some of the other things our MLAs have been working on this month.

If March a year ago was all about the election, this year it is all about grassroots Green democracy! Not only will we host our first-ever policy convention at the end of this month (which I urge you to register for before March 12 <[link removed]> so that we can guarantee you lunch!), but Monday will see the founding of the Stratford Green Regional Association <[link removed]>. This morning, I'm off to Hunter River for a District Association Learning Event with volunteers from across the province looking to make a difference by forming grassroots teams in their communities. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to get involved in or help start a Green team in your district! 

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to "Spring Forward" your clocks tonight (and check that your smoke detectors are charged up while you're at it)!

Jordan Bober
Executive Director (interim)

In this newsletter:

- Spring Convention March 27 & 28
- Official Opposition realigns caucus to address climate commitments

- From the desks of Green MLAs
- Upcoming events
- Stratford Regional Association

Only 3 weeks to go until the Green Party of Prince Edward Island's Spring 2020 Convention, which will takes March 27th & 28th at the Loyalist Country Inn in Summerside. 

Learn more and register today at <[link removed]>

Official Opposition realigns caucus to address climate commitments

“We must begin the hard and exciting work needed to meet targets set in theClimate Leadership Act,” said Honourable Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition. “We must dedicate expertise and resources to provide the bold leadership required as we transition PEI to a prosperous and sustainable economy. With this goal in mind, our caucus is drawing upon its internal strengths to help shape policy for the most responsible path forward.”

This realignment will see economic growth critic responsibilities shared between Lynne Lund, Critic for Environment, Water and Climate Change, and Hannah Bell, Critic for Social Development and Housing. Ole Hammarlund will apply his expertise in architectural design to produce a special report on net zero standards for new construction and existing infrastructure.

>> Read more here <[link removed]>

From the desks of Green MLAs

Here are recent blog posts, statements and media releases by our Green Official Opposition Caucus:

Facing an Agricultural Nightmare <[link removed]> - Michele Beaton, February 3. 2020

Current policy and programming by the Department of Agriculture is leading many to ask: what is its purpose? Is it to administer crop insurance and claims? Or, is it to provide vision and leadership?

Has government abandoned good governance? <[link removed]> - Peter Bevan-Baker, February 5, 2020

I am disappointed to see this PC government taking a page out of the old Liberal political playbook. Both the Green and Progressive Conservative Parties, in a response to public disappointment with the previous government, promised to do politics better. For Greens, a central part of that pledge means spending tax dollars with care and full accountability.

Childcare programming needs a firm foundation <[link removed]> - Karla Bernard, February 7, 2020

Rushing the delivery of a poorly laid out plan will do more harm to an already overburdened system. Our children and childcare providers are too valuable and too important for such a careless risk.

Period Poverty <[link removed]> - Karla Bernard, February 12, 2020

For women living in poverty, improvising is a norm, a way of life. Many will stay home from work and other activities when they are not able to obtain menstrual products. This affects them in ways that often prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Lands Protection Needs Leadership <[link removed]> - Michele Beaton, February 12, 2020

It is important to note, when you become a Minister, Islanders do not expect you to stop asking questions. Islander expect you to actually start asking more questions. Islanders need assurance the work and integrity of responsible governance is taking place.

PEI lives in an Internet Dark Age <[link removed]> - Ole Hammarlund, February 15, 2020

Can government finally address the issue of internet connectivity in a very real and meaningful way? What are the details of its plan? What speeds can we expect and when will Islanders be connected from tip to tip? Islanders want to know. Government has promised transparency and connection. Give us the details.

Statement by Peter Bevan-Baker on protests in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs <[link removed]> - February 18, 2020

In order for us to be successful, all participants must be equally represented, fully active, and meaningfully engaged in our collective efforts to achieve reconciliation. Our approach must be fully inclusive and respectful of our Indigenous partners – it must include their knowledge, their wisdom, their values, their needs, and their teachings. As they have wisely taught us “Nothing about us without us.”

Pain and hopeless felt in mental health & addiction <[link removed]> - Trish Altass, February 19, 2020

How can we better support Islanders who are struggling with addiction? First, we need to meet them where they are with compassion and without blame. We need to truly listen. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are struggling. Only by doing so will we gain the understanding we need to address the barriers facing those in recovery.

Statement by Hannah Bell, Official Opposition Shadow Critic for Social Development and Housing on public consultations on proposed Residential Tenancy Act <[link removed]> - February 21, 2020

With its expanded rights and regulatory clarity, I believe the draft legislation is a solid starting point to improve the housing situation and the oft-fraught relationship between both tenant and landlord. I encourage every Islander to engage in this important consultation so all viewpoints are presented and understood. 

Getting Serious on Climate Change <[link removed]> - Lynne Lund, March 6, 2020

Lynne Lund writes about the need and opportunity to apply a climate change lens to much more of what we do - from how we run government departments to the kind of economic development we encourage.

The Green Caucus has been hard at work to improve the lives of Islanders. If you haven't already, be sure to follow them on Facebook <[link removed]>, Twitter <[link removed]> and Instagram <[link removed]>. And check out their new website at <[link removed]> for blogs, videos and more!

Charlottetown Potluck - Thursday, March 12, PEI Farm Centre

Let's celebrate the waning days of winter by getting together for a good old-fashioned community potluck! All are welcome.

Learn more and RSVP <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>

April Fools' Comedy Cabaret in District 22 - April 1, Evermoore Brewing Co., Summerside

<[link removed]>


Summerside named new capital of Prince Edward Island

PEI's second city is due for an upgrade. In a surprise move, the PEI government has said that: "...effective immediately, all the important stuff is going to be happening in Summerside." The King government has also announced that the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly will be moving into its new location at Evermoore Brewing Co, effective April 1, 2020.

Calling all April Fools! District 22 is pleased to host an April Fools’ Comedy Cabareton this silliest of days. Hosted by Adam Bassett and Ernie Noye. Performances  by Jamie Dooks, Alex Clark and Geoffrey Charlton, Anna Keenan, Chad Mann, Peter Bevan Baker and more.

Take a break from the ever-so-serious world of Island politics and join us for an evening of decidedly imponderous but certainly not imprudent satire, music and fun.

BUY TICKETS <[link removed]>

Stratford Regional Association founding meeting March 9th, 2020

Do you live in the Stratford & area districts 5 or 6? If so, please join us for the founding of the first-ever Stratford Regional Association, which will take place on Monday, March 9th at 6:30pm at Stratford Town Centre. 

More information and RSVP here. <[link removed]>

This is where we tell you about events in the community that line up nicely with the Green Values of Living Within Our Ecological and Financial Means, Local Self-Reliance, Grassroots Democracy, A Just Society, Active Citizenship and Self-Determination, and A Culture of Peace.

Shifting Gears: Create a Shared Vision for a Bike-Friendly Future - March 11 6-9pm, PEI Brewing Co.

Our friends at Bike Friendly Charlottetown have brewed up a great event to get everyone involved in designing a bike-friendly future for the city. Check out this event on Facebook! <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>

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We can't do any of this without your support!

Green Party of Prince Edward Island - 81 Prince St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4R3, Canada
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