From Greg Landsman <[email protected]>
Subject Peace is possible
Date October 26, 2023 11:23 PM
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Dear friend,

1,400 people have been murdered. Hundreds are being held hostage in Gaza. And Israel is fighting for its very survival. As are innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

This war is not for revenge. This war is not against Palestinians. This war is against Hamas and those who fund Hamas’ terrorism – particularly Iranian leadership.

Israelis and Palestinians have been targeted and victimized by a regime that seeks to destroy Israel and deprive the Palestinian people of a legitimate government.

War is horrific, and we mourn the awfulness of it all. But Hamas poses an existential threat to the future of Israel and to the Palestinian people.

Global partners, including Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt, must stand up and do their part.

The United States and our global allies must stand side by side as we work to end this campaign of terror. The world should be all in to defend Israel and provide refuge and relief to Palestinians in Gaza. And the world should support a ceasefire when the hostages have been released and Hamas is no longer in charge or a threat to anyone’s safety or security.

Peace will come when the world stands up to Hamas and Iranian leaders that support them. Peace will come when terror is gone and the Gaza and the West Bank are allowed legitimate governing authorities.

Peace is possible, and that is what I am working and praying for.

Thank you,


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