From Richard Tice <[email protected]>
Subject Give just £2 a week to Save Britain.
Date October 24, 2023 4:06 PM
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Dear Jack,

Reform UK is changing British politics fast. Our  <[link removed]>2023 Annual Conference  <[link removed]>was a storming success. Record numbers of supporters have joined us in the last week.

That’s because Reform UK talks common sense. Only Reform UK is proud of our country. Our culture. Our heritage. Only we believe in freedom, choice and opportunity.

At the next General Election, we want to give the British people a real choice. It is the only way we can break the failed two-party system and change politics for good.

For us to offer that, we need your help in building up our General Election Fighting Fund.

You can help us to Save Britain for as little as £2 a week, less than you’d pay for a coffee, or a pint!

<[link removed]>Give £2 to Save Britain <[link removed]>

If every supporter of Reform UK committed to giving just £2 a week for the next 12 months, we’d have more than enough money to take the fight both to Labour and the Tories, two parties that no longer represent the British people.

All we get from them is more talk. More nonsense. More lies.

Labour and the Tories have broken Britain. They are just two sides of the same coin. A vote for them is a vote for record immigration. The small boats crisis. Record NHS waiting lists. Record taxes. Record crime. More ULEZ schemes. Soaring energy bills. More net zero, with hypocritical politicians jetting round the world, telling us not to drive.

It just doesn’t have to be like this.

Reform UK will stop the madness. Only Reform UK has the leadership, values, vision and policies that Britain needs. We will take on the political establishment and say it how it is. No matter how much they try to silence us.

But the truth is we can’t do it without you. We are taking on the entire political establishment. We are taking on Big business. Big Banks and global vested interests.

<[link removed]>Give £2 to Save Britain <[link removed]>

That’s why I’m asking you to become a key part of our General Election Campaign, by giving just £2 a week. It really will help us to Save Britain.

Together we can shape a new future for our country. A future of freedom, choice and opportunity. The future our children deserve. Only Reform UK can Save Britain.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Richard Tice

<[link removed]>Reform UK Leader


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