Less than 24 hours until Super Tuesday results come in...

Tulsi Gabbard for President

Jack —

Less than 24 hours until Super Tuesday results come in, and as of today only 5 candidates remain in the race. There’s still time to hit our Super Tuesday goal of $1 million if enough of us pitch in just $19 today.

Of the 5 remaining candiates: There’s only ONE veteran who knows the cost of war, ONE woman of color, ONE candidate representing a new generation of leadership for ALL, and ONE fearless warrior who refuses to toe the party line if that means trillions more American taxpayer dollars spent on wasteful and unconstitutional regime change wars.

That one candidate is Tulsi, and we need to make sure she makes it all the way to the Democratic Convention if we want her bold platform for peace and for the people to carry through the primary.

Tulsi’s message can’t break through the mounting media blackout and establishment attempts to count us out unless we — right now, with emails like this — continue to grow our own self-funded grassroots movement. Can you chip in $19 now to keep us going strong?

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When Tulsi made a personal commitment to each one of us to stay in this fight for as long as possible as a strong, unwavering voice and advocate for We, The People — this is why:

No other candidate is willing to risk rocking the boat in an election by speaking out against anti-democratic establishment maneuvers by the DNC that undermine the voice of the people.

No other candidate has the credibility or the integrity to keep speaking up against the enormous cost of our unconstitutional regime change wars and new Cold War; unapologetically taking on the military industrial complex and the chickenhawks and neolibs and neocons who profit from them.

No other candidate is consistently speaking truth to power, regardless of the political cost.

Has this come at a cost? You bet it has — you’ve seen it every day. Tulsi has had to fight for every single second and square inch of media coverage she’s received on this campaign.

Is it worth it? 100% yes. Unlike her opponents, when Tulsi decided to reject super PAC and special interest money, she knew that meant relying 100% on $5, $10, $19 at a time to power this grassroots campaign. We’re proud of that.

But that awesome fact comes with a big risk and an increasingly urgent responsibility: If people like you don’t continue to give to emails like this, we will run out of money. Unlike Bloomberg, we don’t have billions in the bank. Unlike Bernie Sanders, we haven’t been running for years growing the largest small dollar fundraising list in the nation. Unlike Biden and Warren, we are not relying on Super PAC funding or establishment support to stay in this race.

Tulsi ONLY has all of us, and that’s always been enough to hit the ambitious goals we’ve set as a team.

Together we can make big, necessary changes to reform a corrupt establishment and transform our failed foreign policy — but it will require each one of us stepping up right now to make a donation to help keep Tulsi’s voice on the national stage. Can Tulsi count on you for $19 today, Jack?

Thank you for all that you do —
Caitlin Pomerantz
Deputy Campaign Director