CNN has announced back-to-back televised interviews with 7 of the 8 remaining Democratic candidates — all EXCEPT Tulsi.

Tulsi Gabbard for President

Jack —

4 days until Super Tuesday, 8 candidates remain... only you wouldn’t know that if you turned on the TV. Once again, CNN has announced back-to-back televised interviews EVERY remaining Democratic candidate EXCEPT Tulsi on the eve of Super Tuesday, one of the most pivotal 24 hour news cycles of the entire election.

Our voice is being silenced.... again.

We have an important choice to make right now, Jack:

1) Sit back and allow the media elite to influence the results of the election by denying the American people the right to decide for ourselves...


2) Stand with Tulsi — and against an undemocratic primary process — by doing everything in our power to ensure Tulsi’s bold message for peace and a government truly of, by and for the people is heard.

We have 4 days left to bypass the corporate media by getting Tulsi’s message out online, and on the air, in Super Tuesday states. We’re still $210,000 short of our $1 million goal and unless we close the gap by the end of the weekend, we will let them succeed in silencing us. Help fight back by rushing $11 now to our Super Tuesday Fund.

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The threat we're up against isn’t just about silencing the first female combat veteran and only candidate of color remaining. It isn’t just about silencing the only candidate besides Senator Sanders still in the race who is NOT relying on super PAC funding or astronomical personal wealth.

This is about the establishment media elite getting away with picking the winners and losers of this election, based on how much money they pay to play or how carefully they toe the line with the establishment status quo. Tulsi refuses to do either, and that’s why she’s counting on all of us right now to have her back.

This is our last opportunity to show the strength of our 100% grassroots movement — who have come together across parties, religion, race and background to stand with a candidate who truly speaks for ALL of us.

Can Tulsi count on your support today?