From Team Becerra <[email protected]>
Subject A real failure in leadership
Date February 28, 2020 11:39 PM
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It was just last week that President Trump flew into California to rake in big checks from Republican mega-donors. The Los Angeles Times reports that the President charged up to $250,000 a ticket to take photos with him at a golf club.

With so much happening right now, our President's priorities are a clear failure: Instead of fighting for our families, he's been busy cozying up to corporate executives -- and attacking immigrants, the environment, and our healthcare.

Xavier is holding Trump's failed priorities to account. Chip in $5 to stand with him today┬╗

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While spending his time fundraising with mega-donors is one thing, his reckless agenda hurting hardworking families is another.

Separating children from their parents at the border. Gutting the Endangered Species Act. Trying to block access to birth control and women's healthcare.

This is a real failure in leadership. And that's why Xavier is going to court, filing 75 lawsuits against Trump, to stop the worst parts of his dangerous actions.

As Xavier is fighting in court, we're fighting for him -- because unlike President Trump's ultra-wealthy Republican donors, Xavier relies on grassroots supporters to power his campaign. Before February comes to a close, can you chip in today to help power the fight forward?

Stop Trump's cruel agenda. Contribute $5 to stand with Xavier today┬╗

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The fight continues,

Team Becerra

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