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Subject 76%?
Date September 23, 2023 1:28 PM
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That number is sadly getting higher every day…

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A new poll shows that 76% of Americans believe that Biden has done NOTHING to
improve the economy – with most of them saying he’s made their lives worse…

It’s no wonder that President Trump is now crushing Crooked Joe Biden in the
averages of all NATIONWIDE POLLS in existence.

You see, other candidates can tell you what they might do as president.

But President Trump can tell you what he’s DONE – and will DO AGAIN!

It’s heartbreaking that so many Americans feel betrayed by the Crook currently
occupying the White House.

But President Trump will be the first to tell you to NEVER lose hope in

We are a nation that declared its independence from the world’s biggest
empire, won two world wars, and landed the first man on the moon.Resilience is
in our blood.

Very soon, your favorite President will be back in the White House to turn
around this mess – and our country will come ROARING BACK like never before!

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