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Subject A National Security Threat?
Date September 22, 2023 7:51 PM
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John — We're going to keep this simple and straightforward:
The Electoral College is the primary tool Republicans use to swing national elections and suppress the will of the people. That's why Donald Trump's latest indictment for attempting to subvert the 2020 election is so troubling .
Not because he intended to abuse the Electoral College to deny Americans their right to choose their President — we already knew that.
But because the Electoral College remains in place, waiting to be abused again.
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John, America MUST adopt the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and elect our Presidents by national popular vote. And we are close than ever before!
Minnesota recently joined the NPVIC, and state legislatures in Michigan, Maine, Nevada and Alaska are all considering bills to join as well.
But our work does not end there.
We are working directly with Pro-Popular Vote Democrats across the nation to get resources into races that can get the NPVIC across the finish line, for good . But we need YOU with us!
We are SO close to getting rid of the Electoral College, but we need to support pro-popular vote Democrats across the country to get this across the finish line. Will you rush $20 now to support Democrats nationwide who are ready to ditch the Electoral College? [[link removed]]
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Abolish the Electoral College is a grassroots, nation-wide organization fighting to end this unjust and antiquated system.
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Thank you for supporting Abolish the Electoral College. With over 100,000 activists dedicated to abolishing the electoral college, we are the premier group mobilizing to end this antiquated and unjust system.
When the next generation asks what you did to stop Trump and prevent another disaster like him, you’ll be able to say you were a proud member of Abolish the Electoral College.
Emails are a crucial way of staying in touch with supporters, and it’s our primary method for raising money and mobilizing supporters to take down this unjust system. We rely on supporters like you pitching in an average donation of $15 to fuel our efforts. Please donate today! [[link removed]]
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