From Donald J. Trump <[email protected]>
Subject Obama panics behind closed doors. . .
Date September 21, 2023 4:50 PM
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<[link removed]>John,


Democrats are getting very, very nervous… 

“Obama warns of Trump’s political strengths in private talks with Biden”

[SOURCE: Washington Post]

It’s also being reported that Obama promised Crooked Joe that he’ll do everything in his power to stop us.

Think about everything that the Democrats have done up until now… 

…They’ve weaponized the entire federal legal system to try and throw me in JAIL for life as an innocent man.

…They’ve colluded with corporations to control the flow of information online.

…They have unlimited free advertising disguised as unbiased news from the dishonest press.

…They are bankrolled by the richest and most corrupt special interest donors who will spend billions and billions to buy the White House.

But here’s what’s truly incredible… 

…Despite using the most powerful tools of election warfare imaginable, the Marxist Democrats are still TREMBLING WITH FEAR about the idea of having to run against me.

That speaks to the true power of our movement.

It’s a testament to the power of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Grassroots voters like YOU are more powerful than a weaponized federal legal system, an entire media machine, tech corporations, and the top 1% of special interest donors – COMBINED!

But honestly, it makes perfect sense. 

Because all throughout history, there has been nothing a tyrant fears more than a free and united people.

As a grassroots donor, your $1 donation truly has the power to prevail against tyranny.

So, at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, I’m asking you to peacefully unite with your fellow patriots and give just $1 to stand against tyranny.

Please make a contribution of even just $1 to stand against tyranny and SAVE AMERICA – for 1,500% impact. <[link removed]>

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45th President of the United States


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