From Donald J. Trump <[email protected]>
Subject “Is it worth it?”
Date September 20, 2023 10:05 PM
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<[link removed]>John,

I recently sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly.

She said, “[you could be] enjoying this beautiful golf course, Mar-a-Lago, your lovely family. You don't have to be running for President, sitting for 4 criminal trials, some civil and possibly looking at jail time. Is it worth it?”

My answer is simple: America is always worth it.

Because if we don’t win the 2024 election, we won’t have a country anymore.

Our southern border is being overrun by millions of illegal aliens, our cities are being destroyed by violent crime, inflation is ravaging our economy, Crooked Joe is waging war on American energy all while he buys oil from our enemies, and our nation is on the brink of entering World War III.

…And if we allow the Deep State to get away with weaponizing our legal system to criminalize political dissent, then our once Free Republic will be completely dead.

2024 is our final chance to save our country. And I truly believe that I can turn it around – and I will turn it around FAST!

To take back our country from a corrupt, self-serving ruling class that is trying to permanently shut you out of the political process, this is simply the risk that I must take.

And I have full faith that with millions and millions of patriots like YOU peacefully standing by my side, I won’t even have to worry about the nightmare scenario of 1,000 years in prison as an innocent man.

Because we will prevail – just as we always have – and we will win back the White House and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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45th President of the United States


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