From Jason Crow <[email protected]>
Subject An issue that deserves more attention
Date September 19, 2023 3:33 AM
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I recently joined Ken Harbaugh at MeidasTouch to discuss right-wing extremism in Congress. It’s an issue that deserves more attention.

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There’s a small but growing cohort within the Republican Party that would love to retrench us within the United States, build walls — literal and figurative — and see the rest of the world burn on its own.

This cohort has outsized power in the House. Kevin McCarthy bargained away a lot of influence to win their votes for Speaker, giving them powerful positions on committees.

These people don’t have ideas of their own. They’re not looking to govern. Their ideology is based on being against whatever issue is in the news on any given day.

After January 6, I had hoped that my colleagues would be willing to turn the page. To say enough is enough, call out the BS, and defend our democracy.

They proved that they weren’t willing to do that. They engaged in more extreme rhetoric.

I’m fed up. I am not going to allow people to do things that undermine our democracy.

Folks, I’m no stranger to tough fights — even if it means putting my job on the line. The work to protect our democracy is just beginning. Will you help me continue our work in Congress? [[link removed]]

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I came to Congress with a different background than most: I served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and put my life on the line for this country.

If you’re sitting in Congress and you’re more afraid of losing this job than of anything else, then you probably shouldn’t be doing this work. The people elected you to be a leader and stand up for what’s right.

That’s why I served as a manager for Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial.

We knew it would be an uphill battle from the beginning.

Consultants said I could lose reelection.

Death threats piled on.

But I knew it was the right thing to do. Standing up for our democracy. For justice. For America.

We don’t get to choose “the right moment.” The most important fights in our nation’s history have happened when ordinary people saw injustice and stood up for what’s right. The fight to end slavery. The women’s suffrage movement. The civil rights movement.

We must summon that courage to bring a new type of American patriotism. I’m ready to fight for it. Will you join me? [[link removed]]

Thank you,

— Jason Crow

Now more than ever, we need strong leaders like Jason working for us in Congress. Jason is fighting for you, your family, and the American people in Congress — and he's not taking a dime of corporate PAC money. Will you pitch in now to help him continue working for us?
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