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Subject Kari Lake readying a possible Senate run??
Date September 19, 2023 2:56 AM
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John — Arizona's wildcard Senate race is on point of becoming even wilder .
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Here's the situation:
Democrats MUST hold our BLUE seat in Arizona if we want to keep our precious Senate Majority. But with Democrat Ruben Gallego likely facing not only turncoat Krysten Sinema, but now also MAGA Election denier Kari Lake — he's going to need DOUBLE the support.
Ruben is ready for this fight, John, because he knows how important this seat is for Dems. But we aren't going to sugarcoat this: a 3-way battle for this all-important Senate seat means that anything can happen. Even putting an extremist like Lake in the U.S. Senate.
We've been tasked with raising another $13,477 before midnight to help Ruben reach persuadable Arizona voters and keep them BLUE in 2024. Can you help us get there?
Here's the plan, John: we're rallying behind Ruben Gallego to make sure he KEEPS this seat for Democrats. Will you chip in to help? [[link removed]]
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Thanks for stepping up,
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Integrity First PAC is a Democratic grassroots organization dedicated to electing politicians with integrity who are accountable to the voters and not the special interests.
In 2020 , we helped target and persuade voters for President Biden in Arizona, a crucial battleground state for the presidency.
In 2022 , we helped increase voter turnout in Nevada with lapsed voters and non-registered residents to keep the Senate in Democratic hands.
Now in 2024 , our goal is to replicate and expand our voter persuasion and turnout strategy in these key states:
-- Arizona
-- Nevada
-- Wisconsin
-- Pennsylvania
-- Texas
Defending the White House and the Senate, and retaking the House majority, will all depend on winning these states. To execute our strategy, we need to raise $1,000,000 before next Fall. If you can, please donate any amount to help reach, persuade, and turnout voters in our battleground map! [[link removed]]
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