From Marianne Williamson <[email protected]>
Subject A Moral Economy
Date September 19, 2023 2:31 AM
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Dear John,
People say, “Oh Marianne you have all these great policies, but how are we going to pay for them?”
Nothing on our platform has to do with spending more money. It simply means no longer slavishly throwing money at the very richest among us! We do it for no reason other than corporate donations and lobbying and corruption. And some of the wealthiest people I know agree with that, by the way.
A moral economy means to use our money to actually help people thrive . THAT is what our tax dollars should go for. It is OUR MONEY! The US treasury should be more than a piggy bank for a few people who have figured out how to game the system.
Today we throw money at people who do not need it, at the expense of people simply struggling to survive. A conscious person does not want to think our ability to create wealth is at the expense of other people ever getting a chance to. Using our money to help people prosper will not shrink but rather expand our economy .
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Some people then say, “But oh, that’s Socialism!” - which has always been the PR used by economic royalists to convince people they don’t deserve for their own money to serve them or for their own labor to bear fruit. (The Fire Department is a Socialist institution, by the way, and so are the Police Department and the federal highway system, for that matter.) All these people who are so afraid of the bogeyman “Socialism” really amuse me, actually. Are they interested in giving up their Social Security? Because that was the crown jewel of Socialist achievement in this country.
I believe in a thriving, hybrid economy of righteous capitalism and guaranteed care for the common good . That is the first principle to which we must return: A First Principle of the United States is for the government to broker a balance between individual liberty (including economic liberty) and a concern for the common good.
As president, that would be my governing principal and my political North Star.
That is what we are standing for. And let’s not apologize for that. Let’s go for it and let’s go for it now. Please sign up now to volunteer at [[link removed]] . Donate. Spread the word. Be part of the campaign!
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We can #ManifestVictory and help change the world.
With love,
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P.S. Read my Platform for a Working Economy here [[link removed]] and my Complete Economic Bill Of Rights here [[link removed]] .
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