From Bob MacGuffie <[email protected]>
Subject Data Shows Democrat Policies are Shrinking American Life
Date September 12, 2023 2:30 PM
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Campaign Update Campaign Update September 12, 2023 As a candidate, I’ve been speaking with the solid citizens of CT-4 as I traveled the District the past six months. In listening to the challenges and stresses folks regularly convey, a distressing theme running throughout their stories emerges: Between Democrat policies on Spending, Climate, Energy, Housing, Healthcare, Education, the Border, and seemingly everything else – the reality is that life for most of us is most assuredly shrinking........ Because of the disrupting impact of record-high inflation on life’s necessities of food, shelter, energy and healthcare, the more optional activities of travel, recreation, entertainment and personal pursuits are being squeezed out of our lives. Indeed, the CDC just revealed that U.S. life expectancy is now 76.4 years, the shortest it’s been in almost two decades. The Dean of the Harvard School of Health, Michele Williams, quite ironically, attributes that fact, which she published “to the way the U.S. Healthcare system is structured.” She noted that we don’t do enough healthcare ‘upstream’ but instead, wait till the person arrives at the emergency room. If you remember the titanic public debate over ObamaCare, we contended that that entire Democrat-proposed ‘restructuring’ of the health insurance industry would result in people not purchasing the program’s highly expensive coverages, and would instead present themselves to emergency rooms when their conditions became critical. Well, here we are – the data is in and ObamaCare is failing the American people. Here in Fairfield County, earlier this year, United Illuminating had to double its electricity generation costs because of ‘Green’ and other mandates proposed, driven and enacted by Democrats in their climate-panic. The result is our electric bills in Fairfield County are up 40%, while those in upstate CT using Eversource have increased up to 80%! Oil is now about $90 a barrel, driving hikes in gasoline and home heating oil, absorbing ever more of our monthly budgets and limiting our personal mobility. Speaking of mobility, if you head out today to purchase or lease a car, monthly payments for a new one will run on average $750+ while used car payments average $540+. And if you venture into the electric vehicle, EV market, you will pay 25% more! Should you be looking to move, or if you’re a Millennial desperately trying to stay in your home state as you try to secure a house for your family, Democrat deficit and inflation-driven interest rates have significantly shrunk the size of the house you can buy in just 12 months. And, if you manage to find something, when you sit down to close on the mortgage, payments will be just a bit higher because the Democrat rubric of “equitable-access” requires high credit scorers to subsidize those with a lower credit score! Yep – all in the name of Socialism – oops, Equity! Then, moving from the outrageous to the simply ridiculous, Democrats seek to ban gas stoves, redesign our ceiling fans, restrict our water heaters, and control your house temperature remotely through ‘smart’ thermostats! And that’s not to mention what they’d do if they get their hands on remote access to the proliferation of ‘smart’ refrigerators, TVs and other smart appliances, all being pushed through the marketplace today. Don’t believe it – check out the Demand Management policy currently enacted in California. Rumblings are that Connecticut Democrats would love to emulate many of those policies here in California-East. And if you’ve been following my weekly updates, Jim Himes has voted for all the policies which have driven us into this nightmare: He voted FOR ObamaCare and the Green New Dream, and AGAINST ‘Increasing Oil & Gas Production Act,’ the ‘Lower Energy Costs Act,’ and the ‘Save Our Gas Stoves Act,’ as well as for all the sneaky and squirrelly Amendments hidden in other Bills, which enabled the regulatory strait-jacket in which we now find ourselves. America’s horizons must be EXPANDED... not shrunk! There are certainly bigger-picture issues to be addressed in this campaign as well, and I’ll be covering them in detail as the campaign develops. BUT the above resoundingly illustrates what Jim Himes’ 15 years of promotion, defense and enactment of Democrat policies have done to the lives of us all – and we simply DO NOT HAVE TO STAND FOR IT! I was interviewed Friday by Lee Elci on the Voice of Freedom radio show and covered many of these items and the issues I believe most pressing on the citizens of the Fourth District. Audio of the interview is here – then scroll down to the first item ‘In the News.’ Please help me retire Jim Himes, and return real representation to the citizens of CT here: DONATE It would be deeply appreciated. Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested...or should be. Help is on the way, Bob MacGuffie Candidate for Congress DONATE ‌ See ‌ MacGuffie for Congress | Fairfield, Fairfield, CT 06824 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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