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Subject Ashley Hinson's Weekly Update for You!
Date September 8, 2023 10:35 PM
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Friend, On Monday, we observed Labor Day and celebrated the contributions of America’s workers who built our country and continue to keep it running. Unfortunately, this year’s Labor Day observance was marked with uncertainty for many working families as President Biden continues to ignore the real challenges people face and cringingly touts his failed agenda. Machinists, welders, nurses, truck drivers, carpenters, assembly line workers, teachers, firefighters, and law enforcement have shouldered more than their fair share of our country's burdens over the past few years. Yet, what have they received in return? Record-high inflation has made routine grocery runs stressful, while high gas prices have made commutes to work and school drop-offs unaffordable, and sky-high mortgage rates have put the once attainable goal of homeownership out of reach for so many. Meanwhile, we have a president who celebrates it all as "Bidenomics." It is high time that our policies make life easier for working families, help them keep more of their hard-earned money, and show respect for their jobs. First and foremost, we need to reverse course on every aspect of Bidenomics. Stop spending beyond our means to reduce inflation. Stop squashing viable domestic energy production to lower fuel costs. Stop handing down out of touch rules and regulations – whether it’s Biden’s student loan “forgiveness” scheme or his electric vehicle mandate that would force families to buy unaffordable electric vehicles they don’t want. Instead of imposing these mandate-driven taxes, let’s provide middle-class families with the much-deserved relief they need. I have proposed a significant increase to the Child Tax Credit for working parents, allowing them to claim an annual credit of $3,500 for children under the age of 18 and $4,500 for children under the age of six. Few people contribute more to our economy or society than working parents, and they should be able to keep much more of what they earn. Additionally, we must meaningfully address the day-to-day challenges working families face, such as access to child care. I’ve introduced bipartisan legislation, the After Hours Child Care Act, that will expand child care access for parents who don’t work traditional 9-to-5 hours, including grocery store clerks, assembly line workers, and first responders. These roles are essential to the health and safety of our communities, and the parents who fill them deserve access to quality, affordable child care options during their work hours. Working men and women themselves to keeping our families safe and fed, provide essential functions in our communities, and have seen our country through our hardest days. We rely on our workers and their immense contributions should never be taken for granted. President Biden should cease his hollow rhetoric and show appreciation for working men and women by enacting policies that will help them achieve their American dream instead of continuing his Bidenomics nightmare. Read my full column here and read on for more information about my work for Iowans! Best, MercyOne North Iowa I enjoyed touring MercyOne North Iowa this week. We discussed the importance of recruiting and retaining doctors in rural Iowa. Thanks for all you do to provide quality health care services to rural Iowans! Kingland Systems I had a great tour of Kingland Systems in Clear Lake. We discussed their commitment to data risk protection and ensuring Iowans’ data is always secure. With China's brazen attempts to undermine Americans’ data security, their work is more important now than ever. Thanks for having me! Renovo Media Group Renovo Media Group in Clear Lake has a state-of-the-art recording studio, sound stage, LED screen, and post-production space where they create family-oriented films and television shows that engage audiences around the world. It was great to tour their studios and discuss the importance of expanding opportunities in Iowa’s growing tech industry. McKesson I enjoyed meeting with the team at McKesson! We discussed the vital role pharmacies play in rural health care deserts and the importance of safeguarding our medical supply chain from China. Thanks for having me and for all that you do to ensure rural Iowans receive the medications they need. Telephone Town Hall Poll Results Thank you to everyone who joined our telephone town hall last week! We covered securing the border, holding China accountable, and my work to protect life at all stages. During our conversation, I asked Iowans about their top legislative priority – check out the poll results below! What is your top priority? Securing the border: 33% Supporting American energy: 31% Improving the economy: 25% Holding the CCP accountable: 11% CCP Espionage Continues According to recent reports, there have been more than 100 instances where Chinese nationals, linked to the Chinese Communist Party, have attempted to infiltrate U.S. military bases and sensitive sites. Whether it’s their spies speeding through security checkpoints, “scuba diving” near a U.S. rocket-launch site, or crossing into a U.S. missile range – these brazen espionage attempts should send a chill up every Americans’ spine. Instead of looking the other way and continuing their failed strategy of appeasement and diplomatic engagement with China, the Biden Administration should work with Congress to hold China accountable for the dangerous surveillance state they’ve propped up right under our noses. As a Member of the Select Committee on Competition with China, I will continue working to combat this grave threat and protect our national security. No More COVID Lockdowns We’ve seen that some entities are re-instating COVID-19 restrictions and mandates. Thankfully, in Iowa, we have Governor Reynolds who stood against lockdowns and kept our businesses and schools open. And we know she will always protect Iowans’ freedoms. I will stand with her every step of the way and fight tooth and nail against any attempted new lockdown, mask mandate, or restriction proposed at the federal level. The Biden-era lockdowns were never about public health, it was always about power. He used COVID-19 “emergency powers” to try and cancel student loan debt. He kept our kids out of the classroom and away from their friends just so he could have more control. We won’t let it happen again. I will protect Iowans’ and Americans’ freedoms. Enough is enough. Watch my full video message here. 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