From Hal Rafter <[email protected]>
Subject Do you have a second?
Date August 27, 2023 2:13 PM
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I wanted to briefly introduce myself if you have the time today:

My name is Hal Rafter, my background is in computer programming and
economics, I’ve got nearly four decades of experience working with New
Hampshire Housing, I’ve spent eleven years on school and local boards here
in New Hampshire, and I’m the Democratic nominee in the special election
that could tie control of the GOP-controlled State House.

[ [link removed] ]My election is 3 weeks out: And I’m personally asking if you can donate
to help fully fund our Get Out The Vote effort because in a race like
ours, a couple votes could swing the election.

Allow me to explain: Last November, Democrats came just 10 votes shy of
winning this district.

And despite an aggressive attempt to gerrymander our great state,
Republicans are defending their smallest majority in modern state history.

This could be the closest race in the U.S. this year and if we’re
victorious we can tie control of the chamber, putting us an inch away from
winning the majority and giving us a powerful tool to put a stop to some
of the dangerous and misguided bills Republicans are pushing.

With a tied chamber, we can make sure Republicans can’t suppress the vote,
get away with gerrymandering, pass anti-LGBTQ bills (like a bill
Republicans tried to pass that would out gay students to their parents
without their consent), restrict reproductive access, ignore rising costs
for families, or disregard the climate crisis knocking on our doors.

[ [link removed] ]A couple bucks and a couple votes could decide this race: So I’m humbly
asking if you’ll consider making a donation in the final stretch of my
campaign so we can win this special election. It really could make all the

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation
will be immediately processed and split between 314 Action Fund and Hal Rafter.

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I appreciate all that you do and am grateful,


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