From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject The Controversy Of Censorship And The LP
Date February 24, 2020 11:05 PM
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This weekend
at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate,
there was a lot of controversy.
Presidential candidate Mark Whitney
was asked to limit his use of profanity and attacks on other
candidates. After refusing to do so, he called out the party itself
for attempting to censor him. While it is true that private
organizations have the right to choose who can be involved in their
debates, the Libertarian party often accuses the Commission on
Presidential Debates of censorship, and most of the party backed
Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson in a full on civil lawsuit
against them. We know they keep moving the goalpost for polls to
qualify, and if we hit 50% they'd probably say that our message is
too offensive.
How can an organization assert the
right to censor participants in a debate, while suing another
private organization for the very same? I don't agree with their
censorship and their reasons are even more suppressive than the LP
Florida, but their right to completely arbitrarily decide is equal
to that of the LP Florida. While Whitney’s comments can
easily be seen as offensive to some, buried under all of the
statements made was a valid point that should not go without
notice. I am not defending any of his statements, so don't try
reading into that.
I also have issues with the party and
the delegates criteria for their nominee, and I will continue to be
vocal about them, because this is the only way to create change.
Also, I have much respect to all those involved in putting together
this debate and convention. They did an amazing job and I thank
them for that. I know that a lot of the work we put into this party
often goes unappreciated, so please remember to thank everyone who
puts these events together for all their hard
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