Dear Friend,


Hi, I’m Matt and I’d like to tell you about my Dad, David.


My Dad had a type of bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma and subsequently developed amyloidosis. It slowly damaged his vital organs. He had chemotherapy to try to slow down the progress of the disease. But towards the end, he’d lost his sense of touch, his eyesight, and feeling in his legs.


He believed that the best-case scenario for him was a heart attack so that he could die quickly. My sister, Katie, had died slowly over several months from her cancer and it was horrific. He didn’t want that for himself.

Nobody should suffer like my Dad. He should have had the choice of assisted dying. Will you donate to Dignity in Dying today to fund the campaign for real choice at the end of life?

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My Dad died at home in February 2023. He received excellent palliative care and support, but he still suffered. His final days were not as he wanted.


In the final year of his life, my Dad was a passionate campaigner for assisted dying. He didn’t know if he would take the option if it were available. But he wanted it there - just in case. When he met his MP, he said “I know this won’t happen for me. I’m doing it for you and your family”.

Friend, will you donate to Dignity in Dying today and continue my Dad’s fight?

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I believe in the right to a peaceful death, surrounded by your loved ones. My Dad deserved that. Everyone does.


Best wishes,


Matt Ryan

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