From Julia Roache <[email protected]>
Subject Trapped inside a depressing motel with a newborn
Date February 24, 2020 7:40 AM
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You can provide the gift of mobility.

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We've been asked to help a mother who’s been hurt by everyone she should have been able to trust.

Her partner, the father of her children, was violent.

Then her brother was abusive too.

And when her own mum didn’t believe her brother was abusive, she was kicked out of the family home.

This woman was left alone, homeless and pregnant with her third child. She had to live in a cheap and dingy motel for five months.

She wasn’t prepared at all when her baby was born. She felt scared, unsafe, isolated. She had none of the essential items she needed for her new baby.

Will you please help today? [[link removed]] No one deserves to have a life like this.

Please donate now [[link removed]]

Most of the families you help share the common experience of trauma, have a limited support network, and feel completely isolated from their community. Every day is challenging and lonely.

Without a safe car seat, pram or baby carrier for their child, they can experience severe anxiety about travel and shut themselves off from the world.

Will you please donate today [[link removed]] so we can make sure more families are provided with safe prams, car seats and baby carriers to help them feel connected again?

Please donate now [[link removed]]

In return for your donation, I promise we will get this mum her very own ‘freedom machine’ (in the case of this mum - it will be freedom in the form of a pram!). And I promise we’ll continue supporting other families who need mobility to reach services and a community that will help them.

We know a pram will give this mum the freedom of being able to walk to the supermarket or the local park with a friend, something she used to enjoy.

Imagine what a difference it will make to her and her children to be able to move around freely again.

With your help, we can keep vulnerable families mobile and connected, and ensure babies and children travel safely.

Without our help, they will be stuck - trapped and isolated without a way to safely use transport or easily walk around their neighbourhood.

Any amount you can donate today [[link removed]] will make a huge difference to a family who are feeling cut off from the world.

Thank you,


Julia Roache

General Manager

0417 032 825

[email protected]

PS with your help [[link removed]], we can give a family the right ‘freedom machine’. For this family, $199 will provide the pram they need. Or you can help another family on our waitlist with a safe car seat for $109 or a baby carrier for $49.

PPS Imagine helping to give a family a pram, car seat or baby carrier every single month! The special decision to make your donation a monthly gift [[link removed]] will help keep isolated families connected to support for years to come. Click here [[link removed]] to find out more.

Your privacy is important to us. Please see our privacy policy. [[link removed]]

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