John: we have some BIG news in Carl DeMaio’s race for Congress!

President Trump and his allies KNOW how important it is to keep the 50th Congressional District in GOP hands — and they want a fighter like Carl DeMaio in this seat!

Last night we were informed that Carl DeMaio’s campaign is being offered TRIPLE MATCHING funds to help us raise the money we need to pay for our final week on TV.

1) For every contribution we receive between today and Monday at 9am, it will be TRIPLED by the matching program.

2) These new funds will be a GAME CHANGER for our campaign to hit our budget -- but we need YOUR help to get these funds.

3) We have to provide a list of contributions we receiving during the “match window” for us to qualify for the funds.

Can you contribute RIGHT NOW so we can get your contribution onto this list for the matching program?

Will you chip in at least $35 to help Carl win?

🚨 Contribute NOW: All Contributions Triple-Matched 🚨

Chip in $35
Chip in $50
Chip in $100
Chip in $250
Or donate another amount

Please stand with President Trump and his allies! Help Carl DeMaio WIN the 50th Congressional District -- and become the statewide fighter we need in California!

Only 10 days left in this campaign - please do whatever you can now!

Team DeMaio









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