From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject I can't sleep!
Date February 22, 2020 10:00 PM
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We've gone to great lengths to focus
our funds on messaging outreach.
Traveling to and attending the
conventions is hard work, and costs a lot of money.
I'd rather sleep on the floor and spend the money to reach another
thousand minds than waste it showing off or buying my way through
this process. As you saw in our last email it was my messaging that
brought the only media from outside the Libertarian Party echo
chamber to California's state convention. This has been my goal
from day one. We as a party need to focus on reaching voters
outside our usual podium. The more money we recieve the more minds
we can reach and the closer we get to reigning in this corrupt
Vote for Dan Behrman in this
month’s poll from The Torch Of Liberty!
Click here!
Everyone has the right to eat pineapple pizza and we
all know Taxation is Theft.
Get yours now and help us reach the masses!

Behrman 2020

Taxation Is Theft

Send me to Alabama and Iowa next weekend!
My next convention is in Bermingham, AL then Directly
to Desmoine, IA. I need your help! Donate to ensure I'm there.

Your donations, whether large or small, will ensure we get to
the Libertarian Conventions. We need at least 250 people to donate
at least $50 per month. Donate $50 or more for a free gift! That's
less than being tax slaves!
In Liberty,
Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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