Let’s get this straight: Every single candidate with the exception of...

Tulsi Gabbard for President

Jack —

Let’s get this straight: Every single candidate with the exception of Tulsi and Bernie are:

•  Relying on Super PAC funding and unprecedented personal wealth to stay in the race
•  Preparing (read; pouring HUGE money into wrangling superdelegate support) for a “brokered convention” where once again the establishment elite could override the will of the people, and pick the primary winner.

Not us.

Tulsi didn’t enter this race with the support of the corporate media, or with billions, or PAC money, or having spent years campaigning to be President building up her name ID and supporter list. Our first female combat veteran to ever run for President — the only candidate consistently acting as the people’s watchdog by holding EVERY corrupt politician and corrupt institution’s feet to the fire regardless of party, influence or money — is Tulsi.

If you’re proud to be part of this, show it now by chipping-in $11 to our 100% people-powered campaign that will continue to speak truth to power, no matter the cost.

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Here’s why we're counting on your support now more than ever: By the end of the weekend we need to lock-in our ad spend for Super Tuesday. We know these ads work. In the media markets where your donations have allowed our ads to compete on the air, Tulsi’s name ID and favorability numbers have shot up every. single. time.

We’re up against a lot: A hostile corporate media, the wealthiest candidates in election history and an establishment that is already gearing up to “win” on a second ballot at the convention.

But Tulsi’s voice is needed now more than ever: She’s the ONLY candidate still talking about why we’re really at war and how to end it, the only candidate boldly speaking out to keep the party accountable to its democratic principles — and the people it serves. And she needs our help right now to make sure this message is heard by as many voters as possible ahead of Super Tuesday.

Can you help get Tulsi’s message on the air?