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Subject [New post] The Legislators Who Are Against Vaccines
Date February 22, 2020 3:03 PM
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Post : The Legislators Who Are Against Vaccines
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Posted : February 22, 2020 at 9:03 am
Author : Vincent Iannelli, MD
Categories : Immunization News

Believe it or not, there really are legislators out there who are proposing bills that would weaken existing vaccine laws.

[link removed] Does House Majority Leader Lee Qualm have any idea why we ever started to have school vaccination requirements?

Bills that would put more kids at risk ( [link removed] ) to get a vaccine preventable disease ( [link removed] ) .

The Legislators Who Are Against Vaccines

Unfortunately, it isn't just South Dakota...

[link removed] Kelly Townsend says that no scientific evidence will convince her that vaccines are safe, because she believes that her own daughter is vaccine injured.

Kelly Townsend is joined in Arizona by Nancy Barto ( [link removed] ) , who proposed three vaccination bills in 2019 that would have weakened school immunization requirements.

Jamel Holley is an assemblyman in New Jersey...

[link removed] Bobby Kennedy is very good at what he does - lobbying for anti-vaccine laws...

Hopefully he was listening to someone else besides Robert F Kennedy, Jr ( [link removed] ) for advice and education about vaccines ( [link removed] ) .

Who taught Jonathan Stickland about vaccines? He is described as the "tea party bombast from North Texas."

[link removed] How can Jonathan Stickland be against a vaccine that hasn't been made yet?

I'm guessing he did his own "research ( [link removed] ) ."

In addition to describing vaccines as sorcery, Jonathan Stickland claimed Big Pharma is funding witchcraft to make vaccines.

[link removed]

What's worse ( [link removed] ) than describing vaccinology ( [link removed] ) as sorcery?

> "Shipley first called Pan "a medical rapist" before apologizing for the term and saying that "pharma fascist" or "corporate vaccine whore" would have been more appropriate terms."
> Iowa lawmaker stands by 'pharma fascist' description of supporter of vaccine requirements

Jeff Shipley, from Iowa, had to apologize for calling Richard Pan a medical rapist.

He wasn't done though.

[link removed]

Of course, no vaccines are cultivated from aborted fetal tissues ( [link removed] ) . It is fringe to think that they are, because it isn't true.

> "Especially in consideration of the fact that the cell lines currently used are very distant from the original abortions and no longer imply that bond of moral cooperation indispensable for an ethically negative evaluation of their use."
> Pontifical Academy for Life Clarifications on the medical and scientific nature of vaccination

Some vaccines are made with descendant cells from two electively terminated pregnancies (abortions) in the 1960s. Using descendant cells that have been copied over and over and over again is not the same thing as using fetal tissue though.

> "The technical characteristics of the production of the vaccines most commonly used in childhood lead us to exclude that there is a morally relevant cooperation between those who use these vaccines today and the practice of voluntary abortion. Hence, we believe that all clinically recommended vaccinations can be used with a clear conscience and that the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation with voluntary abortion."
> Pontifical Academy for Life Clarifications on the medical and scientific nature of vaccination

Can someone ask Jeff Shipley about "the moral obligation to guarantee the vaccination coverage necessary for the safety of others?"

Bill Zedler is another Texas Representative.

[link removed] Bill Zedler yelled at a Texas pediatrician because Zedler doesn't understand how VAERS ( [link removed] ) works...

He pushes classic talking points against vaccines ( [link removed] ) that are easily refuted, which is likely why he was compelled to yell at a pediatrician who was advocating for vaccines ( [link removed] ) .

Louisiana has John Milkovich.

[link removed] John Milkovich is still pushing the idea that vaccines are associated with autism.

Dennis Guth ( [link removed] ) is in Iowa.

[link removed]

He has been in touch with the NVIC ( [link removed] ) and has introduced a vaccine bill that would make it easier for parents to send intentionally unvaccinated kids to school.

And then there is Dennis Linthicum, who actually pushes the benefits of natural immunity ( [link removed] ) and tells parents that they shouldn't vaccinate and protect their kids?

[link removed] You have to earn that lifetime protection!

The Oregon State Senator needs some education about the complications of measles ( [link removed] ) , which can include death ( [link removed] ) and SSPE ( [link removed] ) .

Fortunately, most legislators understand that vaccines are safe ( [link removed] ) , with few risks ( [link removed] ) , and are very necessary ( [link removed] ) .

But have you noticed something that these politicians have in common?

They are all pushing misinformation about vaccines that has been refuted a thousand times ( [link removed] ) already.

Are they representing what you want for your kids?

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