From Bob MacGuffie <[email protected]>
Subject Republicans Own the Campaign Issues & Solutions for CT's Cities
Date August 15, 2023 2:31 PM
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Campaign Update Campaign Update August 15, 2023 Connecticut Republicans campaigning state-wide or district-wide have usually approached the state’s cities with apprehension. That defensive posture has solidified as a result of decades of Democrat and media-echoed propaganda asserting that city residents must depend on the Dems for their survival – an applied ‘structural statism.’ And that Republicans only exist to either depress minorities, or carve those struggling economically, from their rightful slices of the American pie. Of course, those examining and documenting the conditions within American cities with objective eyes, have demonstrated that propagandized view as a 100 percent inversion of reality. While illumination of the abject failure progressive Democrat policies has been for city residents nationally has gained traction over the past decade, we have not yet broken through in demonstrating that Republican principles and policies are the clear prescription for spurring a renaissance in urban life. A few Republicans have mounted efforts, but usually on single-issue campaigns. But, in just the past couple months two very solid outfits polled working-class city folk for their opinions on a broad range of topics directly affecting their lives. American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center on American Life and the National Opinion Research Center conducted a 6,000 respondent Survey. Or, read the survey author’s summarized insights for both Democrat and Republican campaigns here: Survey Summary The results on key issues may not be too surprising to our conservative instincts, but may in-fact be a revelation to working-class city residents – that Republican policy prescriptions can lead the way from the downward spiral and economic stress being experienced in too many cities today. Following are some insights which illuminate a solid path for the conservative Republican message to make clear inroads with this valuable and critical constituency: Public Safety – Crime: When asked whether funding should be reallocated from police departments to social services? 63% of moderate minority working-class voters supported full police dept funding. Economic Issues: 72% of moderate minority working-class voters say the Democrats have moved 'too far Left.' Cultural / Social Issues: 69% of moderate minority working-class voters say the Democrats have moved 'too far Left.' Transgender Athletes in Team Sports: Should Trans-athletes be able to play on sports teams that match their chosen identity? 70% of moderate minority working-class voters said the sports participation should match their birth gender. Renewable Energy: When presented with a choice of using a mix of fossil fuel and renewable resources vs. the Democrat approach of phasing out fossil fuels and relying on renewable wind and solar sources? 75% of moderate minority working-class voters support the continued use of fossil fuels. School Choice in Education: A separate Poll conducted by RealClear Opinion Research in July reveals a significant increase in support of school choice across demographics, including Race and Political parties as follows: 66% of Democrats support School Choice; 73% of Black voters support it; 71% of Hispanic voters; 71% of White voters; and 70% of Asian voters. This recent polling data indicates the current Democrat party is sharply "out-of-touch" with working class Americans – both minority and white. While we don’t make such identity and group distinctions - Democrats do. And their insane policies are driving an electorally-determinative voting block into our camp... where we authentically welcome them. On each of the above issues, Republicans embody the successful policy prescriptions, and it is now clear those positions will resonate in the cities. This insight is not lost on my campaign – it will in-fact, be an animating spirit. Over his 14 years in congress, Jim Himes is repeatedly on-the-record, on the wrong side of every one of these critical issues. Democrat Progressivism has failed our cities, and needs to be relegated to the proverbial ‘ash heap.’ The ‘structural-statism’ imposed and enforced by Democrat rule in our cities must end. As my campaign develops, I will be happy to be in the 4th District’s cities diligently championing solutions which will chart the way forward: School Choice All-source U.S. energy independence Full-funding for public safety Parents’ Rights in school curricula, sex-ed, & real women in sports Traditional family values Pro-growth and pro-small business economic policies Authentically affordable housing Our cities can thrive, and the solution lies in policies which incentivize and enable the hard-working people within them, to be free to maximize their talents for the betterment of their communities. The standard of living of our entire continent was raised in record time applying these principles. Surely, we can free up our cities to do the same today! And remember: Jim Himes is NO Moderate And he proves it every week! Solid citizens can donate to retire this man right here: DONATE It would be deeply appreciated. Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested...or should be. Help is on the way, Bob MacGuffie Candidate for Congress DONATE ‌ See ‌ MacGuffie for Congress | Fairfield, Fairfield, CT 06824 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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