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Subject The unDemocratic Party?
Date February 21, 2020 2:34 PM
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--Tulsi Gabbard for President--

Wednesday night we saw the least diverse debate stage ever — made up of billionaires and PAC-funded establishment picks — displaying for all to see what is wrong with the state of the increasingly unDemocratic party.

Tulsi’s voice for a new generation of bold leadership of, by and for the people is needed more than EVER right now if we're going to have any shot at beating Donald Trump. Can you help make sure it’s heard?

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In 2016, with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the helm, the DNC did everything they could to make sure Hillary Clinton was the party’s nominee.

Tulsi thought the voters should select the candidate , not the party establishment. So she stepped down as Vice-Chair of the DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders.

In 2020, with Tom Perez in charge, they’ve manipulated the rules to let billionaires pay to play, keep grassroots candidates off the debate stage and failed to conduct a fair and honest caucus in Iowa.

Now, Trump is using the party’s poor leadership as evidence that the Democratic Party is unfit to lead the country.

DNC insiders and the powerful elite like to pay lip service to “democratic reforms.” Yet, they continue to oppose reforms Tulsi is advocating for including open primaries and getting rid of superdelegates — reforms that would transfer power from party insiders to the voters.

Why the hypocrisy? Because the establishment thinks elections should serve them, not YOU.

Despite the establishment’s blackout of our campaign, we are continuing to take our message forward and take our campaign directly to the people.

With Super Tuesday just around the corner — and nearly half of voters still undecided about who to vote for — making sure Tulsi’s message is heard is more important than ever.

Every single dollar you give right ahead of Super Tuesday will:

• Deliver Tulsi’s message through digital and TV ads and on the ground organizing, to as many voters as possible (many for the first time) ahead of voting,
• Help return power to the people, and
• Help Tulsi continue to push for a more Democratic party

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For the people,


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