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Subject Mondays of Meaning - August 7th 2023
Date August 7, 2023 9:15 PM
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This week, I address why being truthful in therapy is critical for personal growth.

** Mondays of Meaning
August 7th 2023 | Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
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This week, I address why being truthful in therapy is critical for personal growth. Kellie-Jay Keen and I discuss her rude awakening as a women’s rights activist and the prevalence of censorship on streaming platforms, among other topics. Then, from the archives, I revisit a conversation I had with Jocko Willink about schedules — and how not to hate them.


Tell The Truth In Therapy — And Expect It In Return

The clinical experience is redemptive because it is designed to address suffering insofar as the people who are engaged in the process are both telling each other the truth.

First of all, if you have some problems and you speak to me about them, you have admitted they exist. That is a pretty good start. Second, if you tell me about them, then we know what they are. If we know what they are, maybe we can start to lay out some solutions, and then you can act out the solutions and see if they work.

But if you do not admit the problems exist and you will not tell me what they are, and I am posturing and acting egotistically and taking the upper hand in all of our discussions, how the hell is that going to work? It might be comfortable from moment to moment while we stay encapsulated in our delusion, but it is not going to work. If you think it through, that seems pretty self-evident.

I faced a bit of a conundrum this week with my podcast due to content policies' potential threat to our use of the platform — so we cut 32 minutes from my discussion with Kellie-Jay Keen, a women’s rights activist. However, if you would like to support freedom of speech and the free exploration of ideas, then please consider watching the full 2-hour interview with extra, exclusive content from Keen on the DailyWire+.
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** A Recent Article
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'An Extraordinarily Useful Vision Of Governance': The Basic Principles Of Conservative Thinking

Imagine a state where there is a single executive who has all the power and the people have none. You would think of that as tyranny, and that is obviously not desirable. Then you might ask: what is the alternative to tyranny? You might answer: direct democracy where the voice of the people rules supreme and the leader must follow the whims of the crowd. But the problem with that is, it is not that easy to figure out what the crowd thinks, and the entire system can fall prey to suddenly arising, poorly organized, deviant impulses. So what the founders of the American state did, and many other states as well, was set up a series of intermediary structures of power. You can list them hierarchically.
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** On The Podcast

Posie Parker: Anti-Trans Activist or Women's Rights Champion? | Kellie-Jay Keen | EP 378

In my recent conversation with Kellie-Jay Keen (also known as Posie Parker), we discuss her rude awakening as a women’s rights activist, the irony of arguing for women’s rights against transgender “women,” and the censorship now abundant across leading streaming platforms.
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** From The Archives

How To Not Hate Your Schedule

Five years ago, Jocko Willink and I discussed schedules—and how people hate the ones they keep. I gave my thoughts on an alternative approach.
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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

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