From Mark Hamill <[email protected]>
Subject These are dark times. Adam Schiff gives me hope.
Date July 17, 2023 6:09 PM
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Hi John –

I hope you’ll give me a minute to explain why I’m supporting Adam Schiff
for the U.S. Senate.

Over the last six years, our democracy has been tested like never before.
And in those dark times, Adam gave me hope.

Hope that our democracy would survive. Hope that not only would we get
through this, but that we would come out on the other side and our
democracy could be strong again. Hope.

Here’s the thing – it would have been easy for Adam to stay on the
sidelines, and let someone else take all the heat for defending our
democracy against Trump’s many abuses of office. But instead he stood up,
and led us through dark times. And as I got to know Adam better during
those years, I saw true character and determination. A willingness to put
himself and his career on the line to hold a dangerous demagogue

And he was damn good at it. It’s exactly why, just last month, the extreme
MAGA cronies went after Adam and censured him. Because they know just how
effective he is. When he takes on a fight, he gets the job done.

[ [link removed] ]That’s why I’m supporting Adam Schiff for U.S. Senate. And I hope you
will, too.

I’m a lifelong Californian – born in Oakland, live in Los Angeles – and I
know we need someone who will get stuff done. On housing and homelessness,
on affordability and health care, on climate change and our planet. We
need someone effective.

[ [link removed] ]And nobody will be a more fearless or tireless fighter for our
democracy and our state than Adam Schiff. Nobody. And with Trump running
again, Adam is the best person possible to keep holding him accountable.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Adam. And thanks for reading this

– Mark Hamill

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