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Subject Amazon Accidentally Sent Out Their Email Template | Aaron Schnoor in Better Marketing
Date January 30, 2020 12:00 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
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Amazon Accidentally Sent Out Their Email Template ([link removed])

Here's what you can learn from it
Aaron Schnoor ([link removed])
in Better Marketing ([link removed])
4 min read

4 Japanese Concepts to Transform Your State of Mind ([link removed])

Sometimes we just don't have the words
Amardeep Parmar ([link removed])
in Cambium ([link removed])
7 min read

5 Ludicrously Simple Productivity Tools That Helped Me Produce Higher Quality… ([link removed])

And helped me earn six-figures in the process with the extra time each tool gave me back.
Tim Denning ([link removed])
in The Startup ([link removed])
6 min read

9 Free Programming Courses by Harvard, MIT, IBM, Google, and Microsoft ([link removed])

And get optionally certified for the price of your groceries
Aphinya Dechalert ([link removed])
in Better Programming ([link removed])
5 min read

In case you missed it

11 form design guidelines ([link removed])

Form design can be boring, and users invariably hate filling them out.
Jeremiah Lam ([link removed])
in UX Collective ([link removed])
6 min read

Top 10 Elon Musk Productivity Secrets for Insane Success ([link removed])

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." Productivity secrets from the…
Dan Silvestre ([link removed])
in The Startup ([link removed])
17 min read

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Establishing a Presence on Medium ([link removed])

Link to Curation Guidelines:
Chris Sowers ([link removed])
in The Writing Cooperative ([link removed])
13 min read

Quick reads

Should I Worry About the Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus? ([link removed])

Health officials urge calm as the fast-spreading virus reaches the United States
Robert Roy Britt ([link removed])
in Elemental ([link removed])
4 min read

The 4 Meta-Habits of Highly Successful People ([link removed])

Here's how to use them
Niklas Göke ([link removed])
in Forge ([link removed])
3 min read

Netflix Sinks Further in to Debt, Loses 130,000 US Subscribers, Erasing $22b in… ([link removed])

Does this spell Doom for the largest Streaming Provider? Or is this just hype?
James Futhey ([link removed])
4 min read

Most read

Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life ([link removed])

Walking is medicine - it cures anxiety, sparks inspiration, and brings us back to ourselves
Harry J. Stead ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
6 min read

The Myth of Getting Better ([link removed])

When you're chronically ill or dynamically disabled, it feels like your whole life is about trying to get…
Brianne Benness ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
6 min read

I Loved My Husband. I Loved Him So Much. ([link removed])

It was true - but since when does anything real bear so much repeating?
Rebecca Louise Miller ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
6 min read

Editors' picks

How to Pilot Your Minimum Viable Product ([link removed])

Things will break and customers will get mad, but that's all part of the process
Joe Procopio ([link removed])
in Marker ([link removed])
6 min read

Get Yourself a 'Holy Shit' Jar ([link removed])

How an old soup jar is helping my family practice everyday gratitude
Michael Thompson ([link removed])
in Forge ([link removed])
3 min read

How the iPad Became Apple's Most Gloriously Successful Failure ([link removed])

Just how important - or irrelevant - has the iPad been to the evolution of mobile technology?
⭐ Robert Jameson ([link removed])
in Marker ([link removed])
9 min read

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