It’s 2020. Holy shit. Well, it’s been 2020 for a minute now but still, holy shit. It’s here. And it’s FINE. Because we just bought a paper bag to hyperventilate relaunched Vote Save America 2020. Check it out.

Vote Save America is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to vote, volunteer, and help determine the outcome of the 2020 election. We worked with political strategists, organizers, and voting experts to develop a step-by-step strategy to help elect progressive leaders to the White House, the Senate, and races up and down the ballot.
You’re already on this list, so you may think you’re all set on those first two steps. That’s cute, you’re cute. But there are rampant voter suppression efforts all over the country. Less cute. Double check that you’re still registered to vote, and if you’re not, get registered on the site!
Now that that’s out of the way, what else can you do?
  • Get some friends signed up for this shit. You’re on the list—good for you. But are your friends? What about that coworker who looks a little too hard at other people’s lunches in the fridge? Sign them up so they get informed about the candidates, the election process, and the dates and deadlines they need to meet.
  • Volunteer or Donate where it’s needed most. Use to find volunteer shifts and—coming very soon with our exclusive job search engine—full-time jobs, with organizers or candidates in your area or in battleground states. Plus, use our set of funds to get the biggest bang for your buck by supporting candidates and organizers in places where your dollars can have the greatest impact on the election outcomes.
  • Adopt a Key Battleground State. Coming this spring, we’ll launch a new program to help you support organizing efforts in the six battleground states most critical to delivering a progressive majority in November. When you pick a state to adopt (more on how to do that later), you’ll get targeted calls to action about that state’s specific needs. Those will be informed by state parties, political strategists, and progressive organizers on the ground, as well as the eventual presidential nominee. (That’s a flex—we just did a flex.)
Now that you have our master plan, take some time getting acquainted with the site. There’s lots to check out. As always, we promise not to email you anything other than what is essential to help you get informed and involved between now and November.

Let’s do this,

Vote Save America
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