Dear John:


There’s a lot of talk about “movements” in politics these days.   At a recent event in my district a resident asked me, “We hear so much about the progressive ‘movement’ and some of their radical ideas.  When are mainstream, commonsense Democrats going to have a movement of their own?”


That’s a great question.  And I have a great answer:  Come Join Team Lipinski.  


I am a problem solver with a demonstrated record of bringing people together around workable solutions to lower healthcare costs, grow American jobs, protect our communities, and improve transportation, all without outrageous tax increases.  I don’t follow a ‘movement’ in Washington – I lead on programs, policies, and funding that will bring tangible results to improve the lives of the residents of my district.


My opponent in this race -- backed by far-left extremists -- embraces a radical agenda that we cannot afford.  Her ‘movement’ may be in fashion with the elite, but it is out of touch with the hard-working residents of Illinois’ Third District. 


There are less than 50 days until election day on March 17, and I hope you will consider joining Team Lipinski in the fight to reclaim our Democratic Party as the party the represents the priorities and values of hard-working families who need a steady, reliable, commonsense advocate to fight for them each and every day in the halls of Congress.    


As we approach our end of month fundraising deadline, I hope that you will consider a donation big or small to help our ‘movement’ make a real statement in this election. 

P.S.  Get on the ground with Team Lipinski this weekend!  Please join us as we march in the Chinese Lunar New Year parade this Sunday, Feb. 2, at 1 p.m. The parade kicks off at 24th and Wentworth.

Thank you for your ongoing support.




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