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While presidential hopefuls took to the stage this past Wednesday, I did too – albeit to an admittedly smaller stage. I traveled to New Bern, North Carolina to talk about something that was noticeably absent from the presidential debate stage that same night: empathy.

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This stop in New Bern, North Carolina was our sixth on the #EmpathyTour, a trip we're taking across the country to meet with people directly impacted by the criminal justice system and listen to their stories. As presidential candidates debate criminal justice on the national stage, it’s incredibly important for us to listen to those who these very reforms would reach and lift up their invaluable perspectives.

Criminal justice reform isn’t a tool for winning a debate, because the truth is, nobody wins in a country that incarcerates more people than any other in the world.

As a person formerly incarcerated, I know that we have to work together – elected officials and community leaders, directly impacted people, neighbors, friends, and family – to empower ourselves and others to change our very broken criminal justice system.

I hope you’ll help us spread this message today. If we can move people to action, they can reinvest back into themselves and their communities. And only then, do we all win.

In Solidarity,

Louis L. Reed
National Organizer, #cut50

Ps. I’m working my hardest to bring #EmpathyTour to 14 more states. Can you make a contribution today to help me get there?

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