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Subject Here's your Environment Colorado member record, John
Date June 30, 2023 1:25 PM
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Logging is destroying our oldest forests. Bees, monarchs and other pollinators are struggling to survive. Plastic trash is clogging our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Together, we can work to save wildlife and wild places -- but we need your support.

Take a look at your latest member record:

For Immediate Review

Name: John xxxxxx
Environment Colorado Member Number: 742-5536966
Eligible for Match: YES!
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2023 Fiscal Year-End Drive Status

Goal: $200,000
Deadline: Midnight, December 31
Current Progress: 76% to goal

Starting right now, your donation can have double the impact. Generous donors are matching all gifts made today, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000 nationwide.

Will you donate before the deadline at midnight tonight?
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John, there's so much we're hoping to accomplish in the coming months, from protecting wildlife and wild places to promoting clean air, clean water and clean energy. Here's a snapshot of just a few of the campaigns we're working on right now:

* Preserve Our Forests: Our trees are worth more standing. We're calling on the Biden administration to take mature and old-growth forests on federal lands off the chopping block. We're also working to convince P&G, the maker of Charmin toilet paper, to protect the boreal forest from logging. Double your impact >>
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* Save the Bees: We're working to end the worst uses of bee-killing pesticides. With our supporters, we're petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency to act; we're calling on companies including Amazon to take these pesticides off their shelves; and we're urging the Biden administration to reinstate a ban on bee-killing pesticides in wildlife refuges, the places where bees should be safest of all. Double your impact >>
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* Wildlife Over Waste: Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our environment and threaten wildlife for hundreds of years. We're urging Whole Foods to cut back on its plastic packaging, and we're calling for state action to move beyond single-use plastics. Double your impact >>
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* And much, much more.

All this work is made possible by people like you, who ensure we have the resources it takes to protect our natural world. And right now, you can double your impact by making a matching gift to support our campaigns.

Donate to our 2023 Fiscal Year-End Drive by midnight tonight -- and when you do, your gift will be MATCHED by generous donors.
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Thank you for making it all possible,

Ellen Montgomery

P.S. If you've already donated to our 2023 Fiscal Year-End Drive and you're getting this email, we may still be processing your gift. Thank you so much for your support.


Your donation will be used to support all of our campaigns to protect the environment, from saving the bees and protecting public lands, to standing up for clean water and fighting climate change. None of our work would be possible without supporters like you. Environment Colorado may transfer up to $50 per dues-paying member per year into the Environment Colorado Small Donor Committee.


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