I didn’t hear back from you on my email below. Can you please pitch in whatever you can to help Carl fight and win for us?

If we want fighters in Congress and in California like Carl, we have to stand with them and help them - or we get stuck with do-nothing career politicians. Now is the time for us to stand and fight.



From: Susan Mills-DeMaio
Subject: crushing blow
Date: Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020


I need to share something very personal. Every time California politicians impose a new tax or pass another crazy law, we get angry and ask “who will fight back for us?”

Then along comes Carl DeMaio to lead the fight — not just on the gas tax repeal, but against the Sanctuary State law and host of other bad ideas from politicians.

Carl is now stepping up to save the 50th Congressional District and take the highest profile role possible in the fight to take back California.

I’m frustrated because I fear too many folks are sitting on the sidelines when they should be HELPING CARL win this.

It will be a crushing blow to ALL OF US if Carl doesn’t win and we’re stuck with a quitter career politician.

Can you contribute ANYTHING today to help Carl be our fighter?

CONTRIBUTE SECURELY: Carl DeMaio for Congress

I have never seen someone work harder than Carl — but he needs OUR HELP today to win this.

Just remember: if we don’t fight alongside Carl NOW and help him win, we won’t have a fighter to stand up for us in California going forward.

It is up to us to help today.


Susan DeMaio-Mills

PS: Please forward this email on to your friends and urge them to contribute even $5 to help Carl be the fighter for all of us! (Secure link)