From Andrew Yang <[email protected]>
Subject Our path forward now
Date February 8, 2020 7:15 PM
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[ Andrew ]Andrew Yang for President

Yang Gang --

I’m a numbers guy, that’s why I have to be frank with you right now.

It’s been a tough week and it’s now or never.  Looking at the polls we have to push now to have a chance
to finish in the top 4 in New Hampshire and give our campaign the boost it needs.

We thought after Iowa we would see a big bump in fundraising and support.  But even though we finished
better than the polls expected, the confusion and failure to see results for days has hurt our narrative
and our fundraising.

[ [link removed] ]We’re going all-in over the next few days with our resources, staff, and time for a top finish in New
Hampshire -- and setting a fundraising goal of $2 million by the night before the primary, February 10. 
Will you give $10 or
more now so I can go all-in and contend for the top 4 here?

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If we miss this fundraising goal and our target finish in New Hampshire, I don’t believe we can continue
contending at the same level.  It’s that simple.

We’ve been driven to this situation by many problems.  But the core is that our politics is broken and
completely owned by the establishment and special interests.

Two billionaires are waging an ad war.  A senior advisor this week on another campaign tweeted out
instructions to a super PAC supporting his candidate.  Is this democracy?  Is this what the Democratic
Party should be all about?

I don’t think so.  That’s why I got in this race instead of sitting back and just being disgusted.  And
I know it’s why you’re here too.  To stop making every single thing about money and special interests,
and instead bring back some humanity to our economy and our politics.

That said, I also have to look at the reality of this race and what all indicators point to is that
without a big jump in fundraising and support in the next few days, it is extremely challenging for a
non-establishment, outsider candidate like me to compete.

[ [link removed] ]I wish this was not the case, but I do believe New Hampshire is our last chance to break out.  So,
I’m asking you to give like you never have before.  Contribute $10
or more now.

Counting on you,


We don't have corporate PACs or big donors who can close the fundraising gap
we face, just grassroots donors like you powering this campaign. Please give

[ [link removed] ]Contribute

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